Saturday, September 4, 2010


Passion is often being symbolized by flame. but we have proven many many times and over and over again that this passion flame will never ever die.. but we sometimes have to leave it behind to focus on the more important things in life. we have to work, we have to have a good relationship with our family and friends, dealing with everyday life itself takes up a lot of our time and with all these we forget about that flame that makes us feel alive. it doesnt die.. but it's stagnant..

three weeks ago i bumped with an old friend. "rain" was the conductor of the university of makati chorale that i was "somehow" a part of, and I felt saved the moment i saw him again because i was sure that he can hook me up with my old passion,, call it gay or geeky but i was in love with choral singing.. i dont know if its just me or anything but When you hear a group of people sounding as one really brings me extacy. "Rain" is the person to blame why im addicted to glee.. he has his own "unique" was of conducting. you can practically feel the emotion that each and every song brings just by watching him move his hands as to how me wants the group to sound. first impressions really does last. when everyone thought of his conducting to be funny or weird, i saw something different. i saw artistry. it's like seeing real talent in it's raw form. aside from a couple of pounds added, he was still the same "Rain" that i met before. except this time, i'm really going to part of a group that is just overflowing with potential.. under his conduction.

CHORUS VOCALES was created over a cup of chamomile tea. it was composed of a group of friends. mostly from UMAK chorale. then,, me. and then.. a lot of things happened.. need not be mentioned here. you all know the story of how i became who i am. it's always nice to see old friends.. like kuya ryan and dailyn. venus and reah,, and to have new friends like leo jhunmyr and the power couple jeff and kolmer.. everyone is really really talented especially ate rose, marg, JC, luigi, ally, oliver, and lhen.. and plus JAYVEE.. yes.. you read it right.. JAYVEE.. who is a really really good addition to the group.. the group already had their first recital/concert. everyone can check it on youtube.. just make sure that you'll be looking for CHORUS VOCALES.. I also had started planning for the group.. i'll set up our own blogger account as an added portal for the group.. since christmas season is coming up.. we're looking to contact hotels, malls COMPANIES and condo's for us to be able to have exposure and save up for the CHORAL OLYMPICS in VIETNAM by next year. We're also setting up a pictorial for the group so we could have profiles for each member and for us to be able to catch attention. as i have mentioned a lot of times. the group has a really good potential. and we wont stop at being a church choir.. the dream is to go mainstream.. and to make full use of the talent that GOD has given us..

sooo.. watch out.. something AMAZING is coming.. : )