Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW LIFE: In Progress

Just Like What I said on my last post,, Ill be blogging about my new found friends over at the new company.. and most importantly, start up my New Life there.. My Batch was.. i'd like to say.. Unconventional.. and I know how cliche' this may seem and how everybody feels the same way when they're in a new group, but each and everyone represent different walks of life..

First Off.. Kuya Hajji,, The Father Figure,, I know most of you who did know me previously would react to this.. that I am a serial daddy chaser.. and due to the promise that i personally made on this blog,, I wouldn't lie,, Of course i had a slight crush on this daddy but.. (wait for it.. disclaimer!!) this guy really is a good man.. he doesn't just look like a daddy.. HE IS a DADDY! to a wonderful boy who happens to be really really smart and this daddy is suuper proud of him!! and i also met His Beautiful Wife,, Ate Bea.. and i do sometimes use this as a joke,, But This time I mean it.. Their Love for each other really manifest every time! whether they're together or by themselves..this is what you to call true love!! and He also Likes K PoP!

next would be Ate Jowett,, just when i thought that i knew people who were Hilarious, She trampled over them and took the brightest spotlight.. at least for my opinion.. and you know me.. comedy wise,, i laugh at simple expressions soo.. ha! and then Mommy Anna,, now, She is going through a lot right now.. but recently,, she is slowly taking everything one step at a time,, and If she ever reads this.. i want her to know that we will always be at her back.. she is a strong woman, no question about that.. but I somehow would like to help her about dealing with pain.. because when you gravitate to negativity,, you wont see the bigger picture.. and I'd also like to say this to ate Frances,, Also a strong woman.. but whatever you are going through right now,, will only make you stronger.. do not let this get the best out of you. you are a beautiful person and people will see through that easily.. don't let this challenge define you.

Baby boy, (Mac) is different.. let's NOT talk about his sense of humor.. lets talk about him being the boyfriend of Mia.. you know about those Fictional men who were created by Nicholas Sparks? He's Just like them. Really Sweet and Honest, A Gentleman.

Sissie Jacque,, Fabulous! would be the most appropriate word, but problems,, you face them.. if something Brings you down.. you have to pick yourself up and Face it. you don't put it in a dark corner of your heart.. i know you like us to see that you are always happy. but I know that you're human. people like us (you know what i mean by that),, we have the scared little girl inside of us.. but let's not forget that we also have that big strong man. so in case our little girl gets scared, we have our guy to protect her.

and ZALDY.. I want to be really good friends with this person.. but she just really have her walls built waaay up there that even I couldn't get through to her ..


I know It's really hard to start again,, but with the help of these guys.. i know it won't be that Hard

Be Brave For The New World!

these previous couple of weeks, or months,, i have been lost. Figuratively of course.. I have been drinking uncontrollably and i have completely forgotten about this blog. and to you.. my blog.. i am sorry.. I have completely been disconnected to myself. Alcohol certainly had a lot to do with this.. and don't get me wrong! alcohol certainly gave me a great deal of experience and life lessons that i will definitely bring with me my whole life.. it's just that i didn't know when to stop drinking and those life lessons and experiences was pretty much forgotten the next day.. I was fortunate enough that every time this alcohol-infused me comes out,, I had really good people with me. and I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to kuya Lester and Lei.

Just to summarize everything that has happened since January . and if anyone doesn't know about this yet,, i have resigned from my previous company in Eastwood city because I finally gave up on sales,, and even though it was really painful to leave my office mates who I somehow consider as family, I knew I had to move on. and just about a week of living the bum's life, I had a lame and totally expected, completely hideous timing of a call from This new Company. And although I have heard that this company had a "reputation" of being a really suck-ish employer,, I gave it a try,,

At first,, I was really hesitant about working there because their starting offer was hideous and that I had better people skills than the HR guy who interviewed me. I mean this gay guy should really reconsider about pushing through with his career because apart from the fact that I specifically said to him that I DO NOT want to be on sales anymore,, he stupidly endorsed me to The companies' OUT BOUND SALES department.. like DUDE??? COME ON?? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? anyways,, After all of the interviews and "exams" and After I wrote my name like 100 times,, they finally scheduled me for contract signing.

Not All companies are going to be Perfect when it comes to Organization and Synchronization,, I know that... It's just that I came from a company that was almost perfect on these categories.. so noticed a lot of things.. A LOT of things.. I had to come back twice a day in one full week processing my requirements with these people. they gave me an appointment early in the morning.. and tell me that the person I was supposed to meet up with won't be available until after lunch,, I wanted to tell the HR guy this " oh! no! it's okay.. I DO NOT HAVE A LIFE ANYWAYS!!! I AM SOO BEGGING TO WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY!!!!!"

I went through training with a couple of really wonderful trainers, and a bunch of KEWL co trainees.. one thing that I'd really like to share would be the first day that I joined the training.. some of them did not know that I was GAY (cue Gloria Gaynor "I am What I am") while I was still sporting my faded green almost blonde emo hair and I was wearing my unforgiving skinny jeans and a glorious amount of guy liner. a couple of people thought I wasn't GAY. anyways,, details about these people I'm Currently working with will be on my next post.

I am currently on my third month with T**** Out Bound Sales. and I think I'll stay for a couple more.

and as for the pic up there.. wala lang.. gusto ko lang.. ang cute eh..