Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm into deep deep trouble right now..

but I thought I should give myself a gift..

this x-mas...

and so far..

im loving it..



I dont really know how to react on this.,, I went really crazy anticipating this movie.. the trailer freaked me out.. I don't really know if it's just alcohol that's talking right now.. but I'm pretty sure that even if I'm not drunk.. I think it's safe to say that I will NEVER be terrified with this movie,, It's just not freaky enough.. I know everyone is in a buzz about this movie.. and that it reached world wide market.. but it just did not satisfy... ME.. at least.. I watched this movie ALONE.. pretty much the first movie that I watched alone.. I just thought that it could.. somehow.. measure how much I could get freaked out.. but I'm sorry to disappoint you.. but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be..

the cast..

Katie Featherston ... Katie

Micah Sloat ... Micah

Mark Fredrichs ... The Psychic

Ashley Palmer ... Diane

Amber Armstrong ... Amber

the plot..

just a new couple living together in california.. then they experience STUFF in their house.. all these STUFF get's captured in camera.. then the bit@% kill teh dude.. and even if I really despise watching this movie.. I think I should commend them with the story line and how REAL the whole movie looked.. as for everything else.. I'm sorry but it made me regret watching this... well you can't blame me.. it got too much attention from everyone else..

; )

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's not really about being EMO or anything.. I just like having my time alone.. I am a very social person,, I love being around other people.. especially ugly people.. well,, at least ugly-er people.. because I know I will stand out.. But there are also days that I just like people to leave me alone..
I have been chatting with my ex-boyfriend via YM and Email and Facebook and my mobile.. he calls every now and then. And I really appreciate it! it's just that yesterday,, he called me while I was shopping for stuff. I wasnt able to answer at first because I really did not want to entertain any text messages or calls that day. and I don't want to be bothered while I'm shopping!!! can't a gay boy take his precious precious time shopping?? He called 16 times.. how's about completely ruining my day.. why didn't he just blew the whole mall away and force me to have sex with him?? I swear!! It really ruined my whole day!! when I finally answered,, he asked me why did I not tell him that I'll be going out shopping! the NURRVEEE!!! And I was not able to stop myself.. I just had to tell him to F**k off.. And I felt really bad shouting at him,, I decided to cut my shopping time, and just head home.. And to help me calm,, I had glass of margarita before I went home.. I got home feeling really bad.. I had a couple of beers to help me sleep.. I did not log in YM and Facebook just to stay away from him.. and the next day.. when I checked my YM I got this..

3:49 PM 12/1

ah ganun b feeling pressure k b skin e ngyon lng ako nagtanng syo nagalit k p anu b talga plano m

3:50 PM 12/1

nananahimik ako tapos babanatan m ako n mahal m ako at mis m ako

3:51 PM 12/1

josh kilala m ako d k nmn hinahanap ung dating ikaw e gsto k lng maging fair at kung anu b seryosohan b o gaguhan lng o paguwi k lng tyo

3:51 PM 12/1

para alam

3:51 PM 12/1


3:52 PM 12/1

sya nga pla fyi kinausap pla ako n papa regarding s kung anu ako ,well cnabi k lahat then sinabi k kung pwde k pumunta ng bahay ......oo lng nmn sgot nila pwdeng pwde

3:52 PM 12/1

thanx s paasa m ah.............

And being the bitch that I am.. I wouldnt let this go!! especially that not everything that he wrote in that message was true!! and being really early in the morning .. I, Unintentionally, uleashed the bitch in me..

.....hindi kita pinapaasa.. kaya lang ano ba ginagawa mo? bakit kailangan magpaalam ako ayo? hindi ako nagbago the last time I checked. natuto ako.. hindi ako nagbago.. wala ka kasing tiwala.. bakit? natatakot ka sa multo mo? Sorry, pero hindi ako ganun.. hai kung galit ka.. fine.. kung nagsusungit man ako.. lagi ba? hindi mo pala kayang tangappin ung kasamaan ko eh.. then i dont think you deserve my good as well.. I accepted all your bad.. you never gave me any good..


or you get this..

Monday, November 23, 2009


2nd book of the Twilight saga revolves around what happened after the vampire incident that almost took bella's life. Her birthday came and she celebrated it with the Cullens. While opening a gift, Bella had a paper cut, this then provoked one of the Cullens to react violently against bella. After this incident, the Cullen Coven had to leave the town because people have noticed that there wasnt a slight sign of aging on all of the family members especially Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli). Not knowing this, Bella started being a adrenaline junkie and kept seeking trouble for the hopes of Edward will come and save her again.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) asked her bestfriend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) to fix her motorbike and this then paved way for Jacob to move in closer to Bella. still longing for Edward to comeback, Bella still cannot give Jacob the love that he want's. After a coule of days of no contact with Jacob Bella decided to visit him. Only to find out that Jacob Had turned into A werewolf and was a part of a pack. Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) James's (Cam Gigandet) partner was also hunting Bella for revenge.

Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) Having the power to see the future, worried that bella might have died because of her recent high risk activities. this information reached Edward and so he went to the Volterra to have himself killed. The Volterra refused his offer because of his abilities and potential. so instead of killing him they offered Edward a position in their coven. Edward declined this offer for he knew that bella was dead and that he did not see any reason for him to live. he then tried to show himself to humans under the sunlight for this is the only way Volterra will kill him. Bella and alice then rushed to the Volterra to stop Edward from showing himself to humans. Volterra was amazed on how BElla is willing to ris her life for a vampire like Edward, Alice reasoned out to the Volterra that she saw Bella being turned into a vampire eventually.
Bella wanted to be a vampire but the treaty says that no Cullen can bite any human. this then creates a conflict. that was easily resolved by Edward by asking Bella's hand for marriage.

*** Dakota Fanning was AMAZING!! she played Jane, Vamp with the power of instilling anything to her pray by just focusing and saying it. loved this second installment of the

I Should say.. I love the wolf pack.. talk about bad puppies!!!!


Poor Jacob.. It's Okay..

Im still here..

Pour you wrath on me baby!!! lol!!


Okay,, so in my world, twilight flopped.. it's mainly because highschool monsters loved it. and we all know how much I despise unruley, pretentous, spoiled, noisy highscool monsters! I simply think that the world would have been a better place if there wasnt any highschool kids in it,. Another reason is that it's popularity was driven by the dawning of the HARRY POTTER series. People wanted HARRY POTTER to stay on forever! and since J.K. Rowling had to cut the story short, We needed to look for a replacement, then comes the twilight saga. Finally, I despised the first twilight installment was simply because the leading man was sparkling under the sunlight and teenage angst was not so much evident with the characters.

I think i have made my point, and I could easily conclude that this SAGA had a bad start.. but then we under estimated the power of evil evil highschool monsters. POP culture is a chevy and we have a 14 year old girl driving it! because of the noise these monsters make, they were able to make people want to read the book. and since it's better written than shown, the hype spreaded instantly! and lets not forget the fact that the twilight stars did make effort to keep the franchise growing, from TV to tabloid to radio,, they were able to keep the people interested with them, and all their antics.

Lately I have been hearing stuff that women starts to compare their partners to the FICTIONAL character EDWARD CULLEN (Robert Pattinson) and that men find themselves competing against this character! Aside from portraying the role flawlessly,, (not so much flawless,, Edward Cullen was supposed to be GOD-like.. ) the character itself was, I should say, worth fantasizing. Edward Cullen had the mistery. and this mistery, for typical, non-vamp male is usually uncovered as soon as they get drunk in front of their partner! And aside from staying "mysterious", Edward really loves Bella and they were able to make sure everyone will relate to what they both had to sacrifice to be with each other.

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob, the best friend/third party/werewolf character. there is nothing else I could possibly say about Jacob aside from him being extremely hot and that I dont even know why stupid girl bella, wont go to bed with him yet! I mean,, Come on!!! let's not pretend that highschool students don't have sex. teen aged kids have higher hormone levels than adults. how do you expect them to abstain when we, adults, can't?? I know it's wrong,, because the guy is just 17.. but I simply can't stop thinking about jacob shirtless..

NEW MOON: TWILIGHT SAGA earned 140++ million dollars on it's first week. I just hope the next installment will be as good as this one..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have recently watched the "disaster porn" movie 2012. and it was.. it was.. good. Good. not great, could have been better. I wasnt supposed to be watching this just like everyone else because it has been pretty much expected to flop. and the only reason I watched it is because Adam Lambert is in the soundtrack.

I was with my lesbians and Obviously they were my last choice. I am dating a couple of guys right now and 1 ex boyfriend, and for some reason they did not want to meet up when I said I'd like to watch 2012.. (and didn't I tell you that it was a flop movie.. ) My best friend was not replying to any of my messages.. so I decided to give my two lesbians a break and treat them for a movie. (when do I get my humanitarian award??)

we were running late and I did not want to watch it without my strawberry milkshake. so I asked one of my lesbians (tatot) to buy the tickets so I could order my fries and milkshake.
One sign of the apocalipse coming. newyork FRIES department did not have G**damn FRIES!!! I dont know if its just coincidence but it seems like they know that we will be watching 2012! the whole store was falling apart and I was not enjoying it!
when we finally was able to get what we ordered we were literally running to our seats because the movie had already started.

John Cusack played Jackson Curtis. A published novelist/ family driver to a rich russain businessman (Oliver Platt) Carl Anheuser. took his kids (Morgan Lily and Liam James) to a camping trip where they were picked up by the US military for the site was a restricted area where jackson met Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson). Charlie was the crazy radio guy who somewhat knows about the upcoming apocalipse and the ship that was being built in China.

Amanda Peet played Kate Curtis. Jackson's Ex wife. Thomas McCarthy played Gordon Silberman. Kate's boyfriend. Chiwetel Ejiofor played Adrian Helmsley. He's the government scientist that played hero because he believed that everybody has a fighting chance of saving their lives. Danny Glover was President Thomas Wilson. who as president stayed with his people until they were devoured by a gigantic tidal wave. (the white house is in Washington.and a tidal wave hit them! great..) Johann Urb was the pilot of the Antonov, plane owned by Carl Anheuser. and one MAJOR hottie spotted! Thandie Newton played Laura Wilson, First daughter and was Adrian Helmsley's love interest.

Effects was.. as expected.. impecable.. It will make you feel like it is actually happening. even if you try and not understand the story, just the visuals itself.. you will be satisfied already.. these guys and their rollercoaster ride to china Story was.. again.. Good.. not great.. could have been better.. although, they were able to give a visual of what could possibly happen in the future , scientist have proven that a water apocalipse is not possible as of this time. but then again.. who are we to tell.. it's as if God will actually give that info away when he decides that Us people have caused PERMANENT distraction to his masterpiece..

by the way.. Sure seats was provided to world leaders.. 1 seat onboard GENESIS is 1,000,000,000.00 Euro's so thats 60,000,000,000.00 pesos.. that's for the economy section..

If this apocalipse will happen.. we cannot do anything about it.. we have to be fair to the earth and to God.. and just let go..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Adam Lambert, 2ND runner up on American Idol season 8. LOST to Kris Allen.. Is now releasing his very own album. So far I have heard 2 of the tracks and I did not hesitate to put it on my playlist.. As for the track " For your Entertainment " which I assume,, is the carrier single of his debut album,, had a very "sparkly" fall out boy-ish feel to it.. ( well of course it would be sparkly and glamorous!! we are talking about ADAM LAMBERT for God's sake!! ) It's almost like fall out boy with the extra kick in it..

And then,, the film 2012's OST " Time for Miracles " which according to Chico Garcia of The Morning Rush.. " Adam Lambert channeling Steven Tyler of Aerosmith" was, I think , a bit of a fail but still really adam lambert powerful. It maybe the way it's written, or the melody, maybe,, I think I have to watch the movie first then decide if it's a fail or not..

The whole album was a collaboration of this era's best contemporary music composers and artist including Lady GaGa, Greg Wells, Max Martin, Linda Perry, RedOne, Ryan Tedder, Sam Sparro, Kara DioGuardi and P!nk.. suprise us, he did! with his trademark vocal range.. he will surely continue to..

As for the cover,, he was going for " androgenous ".. I saw DRAG.. for the sales and the market.. Im calling on every gay.. drag.. trans.. bi.. (SUGOD MGA KAPATEED!!) : )


I just can't help it.. it's just soo CUUTEE!! Bodhi is a blogger based in australia where he lives with his partner Penguin, his cat Oscar and his daughter,, yes
his DAUGHTER, " the fag hag" !! sounds familiar?? lol! I personally have been following Bodhi for quite some time now.. and I loovve himmm!!!!
Here's his gay words of wisdom,
1. When I was born, I was given a choice - A big dick or a good memory ... I don't remember what I chose.
2. Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
3. A partner is a sex object. Every time you ask for sex, they object.
4. Impotence: Nature's way of saying 'No hard feelings...'
5. There are only two four letter words that are offensive to men - 'don't' and 'stop', unless they are used together.
6. Jock Straps: Not the best thing on earth, but next to the best thing on earth.
7. There are three stages of sex in a man's life:
Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly.
8. Virginity can be cured.
9. Virginity is not dignity, its lack of opportunity.
10. Having sex is like playing bridge.
If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand.
11. I tried phone sex once, but the holes in the dialer were too small.
12. Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy.
13. Q: What's an Australian kiss?
A: The same thing as a French kiss, only down under.
14. Q: What are the three biggest tragedies in a mans life?
A: Life sucks, job sucks, and the partner doesn't.
15. Q: Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?
A: Penises don't have eyes.16. Despite the old saying, 'Don't take your troubles to bed', many men still sleep with their partners!!
Visit his blog..
: )

Friday, November 6, 2009


THIS IS IT movie was really great. although "butchered",, I do not blame the people behind it for they did not anticipate Michael's death. in fact no one did. we are just fortunate enough that Michael always take footages of the rehersals of his concerts.

I went to watch the movie with the Mother of all fag hags, my cousin, my grand mom, Margaux, (marga) and my evil evil brother. I was not able to watch the whole movie because of the dark dark force called,, My brother.. first they wanted to get a good seat so we went inside the theater an hour early.. we were able to see the ending before we even started the film. I also had to go out and get food so I was able to catch a glimpse of how the whole film ended.. we watched the movie at it's second week. but the the whole theater was filled. there were even a couple of people sitting on the stairs. so even if We payed for Marga's seat,, I just decided to put her on my lap and give those poor poor fans the seats.

While they (folk's im with) was able to watch the whole movie even if they saw the ending first, I was waiting for the parts that I missed.. my asshole of a brother wanted to go home. and the mother of all fag hag feared... that at 19.. he will throw a tantrum. so we did go home.. based on this experience let me provide you tips on how not to butcher a

  • Do not bring your brother

  • Do not bring a baby with you

  • Do buy snacks and drinks before you go inside the theater

  • Do not get too excited

  • Make sure your bladder is not full

  • Turn off your phone.. do not put it on silent. TURN IT OFF!

  • Did I mention do not bring your brother??

Hope it helps.. : )

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I enjoyed the fact that they actually turned this into a movie. It showed how human the late "Great Michael Jackson " was. Although the whole movie was pretty much just a compilation of all the footages taken from the rehersals, you will never get the "feel" that you are just watching a "the making of the movie" special.
I also loved how professional he was towards his crew. call it professional, I call it DIVA!! he knew where he is and he never forgot to make them feel who they're working with. I just can't help but really wish that this concert had pushed through and that he wasn't killed. (rumors)
THIS IS IT concert could have been one of the world best. looking at how they really prepared the whole thing was just fantastic! one simply cannot ignore the fact that this could have been the way for the world to see who Michael Jackson was and remember the things that he did through his music.
I think the edge in this movie is that they made a small remake for each music video of each song. I personally think that Michael Jackson never lost his magic.. It's just the people who chose to stand behind the magician and take advantage of his vulnerability..
We (the people) chose to ruin him. just like what we did to the world that he kept on defending..
too bad.. this really was it..

Friday, October 30, 2009

1, 2, 3!!! LATEST BRITNEY VID!!!

I am Just soo proud of her!! I'm turning Chris Crocker!!! LOOKING HAAAAWWWTTT!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I just can't get enough!!! I just can't help it! At Home or At the office,, I just want to play Plants Vs. Zombies!!

Plants Vs. Zombies!!!

RE: Bring it! you MO**erF*cking Zombies!! My Plant will make sure you're DEAD!!!

ohh yeah... that's right.. you already are.. but.. whatever!! my plants will do something!! lol!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


here's to hopin' you know who you are..

Friday, October 16, 2009


Friday shift was turning out to be extremely boring until... our newly wed team leader and EA came to visit.. I had mixed all of my emotions unintentionally. good thing the fluids in my brain did not act up and I was able to show them how happy I was for them.. dont get me wrong!! I AM happy for them its just that I cant help but get jealous. knowing that I cannot possibly get the same experience any time now.. and all the other things.. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that all of us, (gays and single women.. well maybe not all of us) dreadd to be married.. Its the one day that we have been preparing for all our lives.. followed by Lipo and botox..
but before I start day dreaming again.. I think I should find the right guy.. or girl first.. LOL!!!
As to jellybean.. yes!! I MIGHT possibly get married to a girl.. MIGHT..
: )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The JULIE/JULIA Project!!

I swear!! this movie thing with the "Mother of all fag hags" is turning out to be a regular thing.. and so far.. Im loving it.. Plus its also my way of teaching her to give herself a break every now and then from her usual self.
After cleaning the whole house twice in one day.. She suddenly asked if I wanted to watch a movie.. (as if I'd say no!) then I asked her what movie she wanted to watch.. I was expecting her to say something that I already told her about, but no.. she wanted to watch.. Since I havent watched it yet and she's paying.. I agreed to watch it. So.. Did we watch it?? NO! It's not being played on our local theaters just yet.. so instead of not giving her options and taking her to watch the movie I really want to watch (The Ugly Truth) , I walked her through all the Available movies at that day.. The Ugly Truth was an option but we're going to have to wait for an hour and a half. I did not want to wait for that long so We BOTH decided to watch..

Julie & Julia was a True-to-Life Story about a Blogger: Julia Powell (Amy Adams) who Blogged her way back to life. She was a government employee who just moved to Queens with her editor husband Eric Powell (Chris Messina ). She was feeling left out with her friends for all of them seem to be getting more and more successful as she remains to be a lowly government employee.. she then decided to re-create Julia child's Recipe's and put all of her experience in her blog.. Julie was in 2002..

Julia Child (Meryl Streep ) on the other hand was a housewife living in paris with her husband Paul Child(Stanley Tucci) in the year 1961. Being Pure Blooded American, She wanted something to do for her free time.. She tried to make use of her time by joining clubs, but most of it failed. She then figured out what she really wanted to do.. and that is to cook, and especially eat. Professional cooking way back then, Was dominated by the Male sex, but Julia begged to differ.. for this, she and a friend wrote a french cookbook in english for the servantless wifes that was eventually changed to Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Aside from the rhyming of their names, they both share the same Characteristics. They both Aim Him but never forgot to shoot low, they both have undying love for their husbands, They Cook and Eat like there's no tomorrow, And Finally they both know what every recipe needs..
" You can NEVER have enough butter!"

from a Blog.. To a Book.. now a Movie!!!

Buon Appetit!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


" After every storm, If you look hard enough... A rainbow appears..."


TODAY (SEPTEMBER 26 2009) Manila experienced the most unexpected flash flood everr! Typhoon ONDOY certainly knew how to make a Grand entrance with a maximun sustained wind of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. In just a couple of hours, the typhoon was able to submerge parts of Metro Manila causing HEAVY (by heavy I MEAN HEAVY!!!) traffic all over the Metro. Water levels vary from thigh deep to above-human deep. although I though that I was safe because I was in the office already when the rain started pouring, I was WRONG. It POURED! literally. According to the ever reliable PAGASA (hint of sarcasm, thank you.) the water level that metro manila got today was equivalent to the water level we get for one whole month during rainy days ! No jeepney was available, no FX, no cab, in short, Im doomed. YES! it was doomsday today at the office! there were limited source of food. I did not bring extra clothes. and as if it was not hard for us already.. the ATM was broken. finally due to the BAD BAD attitude that ONDOY gave us, People cant go to work. So since 7:30am this morning, until now. 1:30 am.. I am still wide awake.. and I still have to cover my own shift! WHAT A LIFE!!! nice to know that at the end of every storm, there will be a rainbow! so F*%k $@u ONDOY! Here's our rainbow!! DIE! you F*$%ing a&$}}♣8!! DIE!!!!!

and finally.. to PAGASA.. THANX FOR THE F***ing TIP!!!

UPDATE: 7:09 PM 9/26/2009, I just got the news that the philippine coast guard rescued a danzel in distress AKA Cristine Reyes while My HERO of an officemate was calling them asking help for a patient in an ambulance stuck in the flood. Good work men!!! We Are so F***ing proud of you!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

ANG LAD LAD for Congress..

Ang Ladlad is a gay lesbian bi-sexual transgendered political party that was founded by Danton Remoto September 21 2003. The groups focus is Human Rights and has been fighting for homosexual rights and equality since the group was formed. Unfortunately, last presidential election (2004), the group was tagged as a nuisance candidate, thus not having the chance to give voice to the LGBT community in the philippines. The group must have had the chance to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS if people from COMELEC tried to look at them as HUMAN BEINGS who wants to fight for EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.. but no.. they looked at them as a group of GAY people..
NEWSFLASH COMELEC!!! the gay community here in the philippines is rapidly growing!! and by rapidly.. I mean.. look at the guy that who serves your food.. I bet He's gay.. Look at the guy who wears suupper tight yellow skinny jeans walking across the street.. no doubt he's gay. the trainor on your gym, your employee, your sons and/or daughter. Face it!!
This has been said over and over and over.. WE ARE HERE! AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY!


The Remake of FAME was released here in manila OCT 7. I was waiting for this movie to come out for over a year and I was amazed by all the talents that was in it.. especially Anna Maria Perez Detagle(Joy), her role, although small, still very important. she was the best friend of the only gay student in their school of performing arts (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett).. (can you believe it? ) that means she's the only fag hag in that school as well. Everyone's talent was exceptional! naturi naughton (Denise Dupree), gave Fame (the song) and Out here on my own a new fresh twist. All the other characters was great. even that Monster of a dancer student (Kherington Payne Alice Ellerton) who was too good for that latino looking piano playing cutie ( Walter Perez Victor Taveras). My personal Fave was (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett) for I can totally relate to his story.. and his character bought a drop of darkness in the movie.

when you though that you were good enough,, there comes this better student that crushes all of you dreams, then starts eating all of your innerts and drinks you blood. (bitter sobbing! lol) that was when we both learned that being great isnt enough.. you HAVE to be the greatest..

I loved those scenes where everything goes slo-mo while the dancers are up in the air! it was just soo glitteryit made me really dizzy. i hated how fast faced the movie was.. it was almost dragging.. I also did not like the asher brook guy.. his voice is too highschool musical-ish. the whole movie could have been better if they made it longer. they should also have focused on each characters personality and if they too out asher brook..
: )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

IN MY LIFE.... (Movie Review)...

I wasnt really going to watch because john lloyd and luis was in it, but after hearing stories from some friends and officemates.. I just decided to give it a chance. One boring day I decided to go to the movies and take my mom with me. We were at the theater earlier than we should have been. the whole place was filled (as expected).. straight and gay people alike..

after two hours of sobbing (my mom was crying most of the time).. My vow not to watch locally produced films, was already broken. Suprisingly.. though i hate to say it.. I enjoyed the whole movie. Its just great how STAR CINEMA was able to tell this story of a filipino gay couple living in Newyork City having to deal with one's illness (Luis Manzano's character) and the other's legality issue (John lloyd). I personally think that Ms. Vilma Santos was the one responsible of making the whole movie come together. I am sure that pressure was the key for everyone's remarkable performance. especially John Lloyd on that scene where the script called him to bitch slap Vilma!!

I still dont like Luis (Lucky) as an actor but I liked how he played his character in the movie. Soo convincing.. in fact.. TOO Convincing. lol!
John Lloyd.. Is one of the greatest actors that have graced filipino showbusiness with his talent. Though call on the gay character.. tougher call on having to slap the diamond star on the face! finally.. He was just great!! I'm just not so sure im a big fan of him having facial hair and all.. just a tip.. dont grow facial hair!! I dont care if you look like 19 forever! just dont grow hair!! or you'll loose your legion of fans.. Just saying.. : )

Last but certainly never the least!!!! Miss Vilma Santos NEVER looses her charm! She's like the Meryl Streep of the philippines! One sign of a great actress is if she could make the whole movie a success by herself. although the whole cast blended together perfectly. she certainly made a BIG difference. nobody could have done it better!!!

soo cute!!!! SOOOOO cuuute!

Crush of the Week..

I think I should change the title to Crush of my LIFE!!! its because im posting the one and only love of my life..

John Paul (J.P.) Calderon Is an openly gay model from Survivor: Cook Island. Although, Survivor did not really give him enough exposure.. so he joined Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.. While being in this reality show, he encountered INSTINCT magazine who are looking for openly GAY models.. and so Janice,(Inang Reyna) had to talk him through coming out on TV.. because of his natural hotness he did not really need to come out to be booked,, but after coming out, His little dream of being a supermodel skyrocketed!. before the show ended, Janice assigned him to JDMA's branch in newyork as the manager of their male department.. aside from the management all the male models, he is also being booked for runwayshows and AD campaigns..

J.P. was born September 5 1975. in Santa Monica, CA. he is of puerto rican decent and did I mention how HOOOOOTTTT this guy is??? well let me say it now... HE IS HOOOTTT!!!! I have watched JDMA and he is really the most gorgeous models she's got! Photos from TETU.COM

Status: Single

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Stats: 6'2" 200#

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac: Virgo

I LOVE YOU J.P.!!!!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


A Day In Hand is a campaign encouraging people of same sex to hold hand in public. this campaign was founded by David Watkins, A day in hand is fairly new and even though the campaign has been active on some parts of Europe, the group also wants this campaign to spread all over the world. the group tagged the act as Shhhh.. Saturdays the campaign is currently being supported by: London Boris Johnson, Peter Tatchell and Boy George and other celebrities. Holding another persons hand is indeed a small gesture that has a big impact. Holding another person's hand means support and care for someone. It is also a way of slowly making a change in the community. Gay and lesbian people are here to stay! (hear that homophobes?) so we might as well do something to stop homophobia. not in a big grand parade like how we always did it, but in a small but meaningful way, by simply holding your lovers hand around other people. Simply show people how PROUD you are.


“Same-sex hand-holding (Sshh!) is a silent revolution for LGBT people, because nothing needs to be said: no bold speeches, no reactive arguments, no war of words. Each LGBT person has the power to change the hearts and minds of people in their local community quietly, subtly, by simply holding hands publicly and owning their space. However, hand-holding is a simple powerful gesture that can happen anywhere, at any time.”

The first International Shhh Saturday will be on September 26 2009..

Hold his/her hand. show people how much you are in love...

take a picture and send it Here: