Saturday, January 30, 2010


This past week was everything but nice.. Now that it all ended, it left me feeling like I was strapped on a rollercoaster for 5 days!! It was one of those days when you really want to split yourself into two pieces just to be able to do everything!! first was the training for the new account, which was verry challenging. (sales is NOT a JOKE!!) second was the wedding, (thank GOD im done with that!) then, as usual, you have to ALWAYS look your best. next, I had to think of the little girl i left in the house. then try to work with my new UN WORKABLE co workers. finally my family. this week i felt like i was being dragged all over metro manila!! but I just had to make it work!! I wanted to give up but I realized.. that nobody will do it for me.. I'm standing with my own two feet now.. before i had tri's mom and jellybean to help me out. but now It's time to return the favor.. I have to show them that we the DAY WALKERS are the ultimate agents!! while people thought that we are doing PETIKS,, we were trying to build a functional human brain. we even did variations of it. we wanted to replace a certain someone's brain so IT could actually work..

the first couple of days were hard.. I forgot information overload was synonymous with training. I failed on the 1st mock call. on the first day. they gave me 30. out of 100. but i knew i just have to redeem myself!! so with all my might.. and my life on the line.. (bragging rights) on the second mock call,, i gave her (or she gave me,, 100!!) ha!!

by the way !! what up with the other trainee?? could somebody tell IT to stop being FUGLY?? hehe!! I'll update with IT's picture.. I'm on my way to being frenemys with it.. hahaha!! really. if we hated bounce/banakal/ash wednesday? with this LADY GAGA WANNABE (I prefer calling it PETRA.) you guys will surely wish killing is not punishable by law.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple of minutes ago i had a call from my boss asking about what happened on my last shift last monday morning. he was asking if I went inside the quality assurance room, and so I told him I did. he also asked me if I touched the scanner, I did not know that it was a scanner because I thought that it was a printer, but, yes! I did touch something that might have been a scanner that I thought of as a printer,, and then he told me that it was broken and I might have something to do with it..

And so here's what really happened..

Last monday morning, around 4:30 to 5:00 am , We had to print out our choices for 2010 and since there was only one printer working, (the one inside the QA room) I had to go inside the QA area to have it printed. I also asked for permission from the only QA (Quality Analist) inside the room if I could use the printer and she said yes. I did not know how the printer inside the QA area looked like so I instanly thought of the scanner as a printer. I tried pressing the "on" button but it did not turn on and so I asked QA if it's working. she said yes. I did not know if she looked at what I assumed to be the printer. then I saw it unplugged. I then I tried to plug it in but I did not see any ports near the scanner at first. after looking around I saw an extension cord that was a bit far from the scanner. i tried reaching out the scanner power cord to the extension to plug it. when I was finally able to plug it in, I heard a pop somewhere. I was shocked! I feared that I might have broken the scanner. QA asked me what the pop was and I told her that I did not know and that it must've been the scanner that I thought of as the printer. she then pointed out the printer that was on the other side of the desk. I turned the other printer on and I was able to print out our choices documents. and that's it! I am guilty and I think I broke it. And one more thing,, my boss told me I'm going to have to pay for the repair if It was proven that it was me who broke it..

Oh!! and one last thing.. the scanner is not available here in the philippines! it came all the way from the states. so if there will be a part that needs replacement.. I'm going to have to pay for that as well..

I'm scared because I do not know how much this would cost. I know this WILL make a big impact on all of my plans for this year!

1. going back to ITALY, which I have been planning, dreaming and saving for since last year,

2. Philippine Women's University School of Music, I could have been graduating this year if I hadn't stopped adn I was planning to go back this year ..

3. I-phone, that was my goal this year..

4. FITNESS FIRST. I was also planning to hit the gym this year.

sooo,, good luck with me!! aside from paying for the thing. this is also added on my long list of problems that 2010 gave me on it's first month.. I'm going to stick with this and update if there will be any progress..

please pray that it won't cost much..

: (

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have received different kinds of gifts last christmas and I also did my best on giving
away gifts. Those gifts I have received were really great and it showed that the person who
gave it realy knew me.. but there were two gifts that really touched me to the core!! the
first gift was from Jellybean,, a couple of weeks before christmas, I was really hooked
about the broadway musical WICKED! and I must say until now I am!! Me and my couzin was
looking for a copy of the book for days and it was not available anywhere so I decided to
ask Jellybean if she could order it online for me and that i'll just be paying her back..
come christmas day,, she gave me her gift.. (FYI.. I still have that yellow paperbag) I did
not want to open it right away because I wanted to open it when I get home. and with her
little blair-ish ways,, I saw myself peeking inside the yellow paperback and I saw a book!!
IT HAD GREEN SIDES!! And I just had to open it!! and there was it!! my very own copy of..

WICKED: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west!! I wanted the book so much that
it gave me goosebumps that first time I held it in my hands! and for this,, I owe you one

My second gift was more of an opportunity to give back, It was christmas eve and I was going
to buy Beer for the celebration when bumped into ate libby and kuya angel.. they were my
church mentors, they were also my good friends. aside from my mother, I believe, they were
the one's who molded me into the person I am right now. And they were getting married come
january! I just can't help but be happy for both of them! not even a touch of jealousy or
insecurity, like how I felt when our TL and and officemate got married.. It must be because
one can really feel that they belong together just by looking at them.. Im not saying that
TL and her hubby didnt look good together,, what Im saying is that there are couples who
just naturally shines together.. and they asked me to be the EMCEE for their reception. I am
really thankful for it and I will definately do everything to make sure that nothing goes
wrong on the most special day of their lives. Congratulations ate libby and kuya angel!!


And yes my good people I am still alive!!! These past few weeks have been really
tiring(especially the holidays). A day seemed to last for a month! aside from the routine
that you got used doing the whole year, you also have to prepare for gifts and other holiday
stuff.. and even though I almost killed myself preparing for this feast, my christmas and
newyear had been really different. I spent christmas without my family because they chose to
spend it in the hospital where my grandmother was confined. (don't get me started about
that). and so i decided to invite a couple of friends to come over and spend christmas with
me. We were having a really great time until another "friend" (sunshine) came over and made
herself welcomed. using my phone,, she then texted and called people who I can't even
consider friends because they're just pretty much visible if there's booze. so,, from 5 of
my closest FRIENDS, I ended up having 15 guests. and I knew that it was going to be a
disaster! and it was.. the whole house was really loud because of the music they were
playing and all the chatter. it also seemed like there was fire because the ceiling was
filled with cigarette smoke.

And because I had to go to work the next day, I had to shoo them away.. and fortunate
enough,, from 15.. Me my bestfriend and her hubby were the one's left and had to clean the
whole house.. (thanx monchy and pats!!!). And sunshine,, could you please return my
sweater?? and while you're at it could you please use the dictionary and compare the
difference between lend and give?

As for my newyear.. it was great and LOUD and happy because my lola was out of the hospital
already and nobody else was sick.. and even though we weren't able to play with fireworks so
much because of my lola, and my mom and my tita had a fight.. We still had a great newyear's
party because we welcomed 2010 as a family.