Saturday, September 26, 2009


" After every storm, If you look hard enough... A rainbow appears..."


TODAY (SEPTEMBER 26 2009) Manila experienced the most unexpected flash flood everr! Typhoon ONDOY certainly knew how to make a Grand entrance with a maximun sustained wind of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. In just a couple of hours, the typhoon was able to submerge parts of Metro Manila causing HEAVY (by heavy I MEAN HEAVY!!!) traffic all over the Metro. Water levels vary from thigh deep to above-human deep. although I though that I was safe because I was in the office already when the rain started pouring, I was WRONG. It POURED! literally. According to the ever reliable PAGASA (hint of sarcasm, thank you.) the water level that metro manila got today was equivalent to the water level we get for one whole month during rainy days ! No jeepney was available, no FX, no cab, in short, Im doomed. YES! it was doomsday today at the office! there were limited source of food. I did not bring extra clothes. and as if it was not hard for us already.. the ATM was broken. finally due to the BAD BAD attitude that ONDOY gave us, People cant go to work. So since 7:30am this morning, until now. 1:30 am.. I am still wide awake.. and I still have to cover my own shift! WHAT A LIFE!!! nice to know that at the end of every storm, there will be a rainbow! so F*%k $@u ONDOY! Here's our rainbow!! DIE! you F*$%ing a&$}}♣8!! DIE!!!!!

and finally.. to PAGASA.. THANX FOR THE F***ing TIP!!!

UPDATE: 7:09 PM 9/26/2009, I just got the news that the philippine coast guard rescued a danzel in distress AKA Cristine Reyes while My HERO of an officemate was calling them asking help for a patient in an ambulance stuck in the flood. Good work men!!! We Are so F***ing proud of you!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

ANG LAD LAD for Congress..

Ang Ladlad is a gay lesbian bi-sexual transgendered political party that was founded by Danton Remoto September 21 2003. The groups focus is Human Rights and has been fighting for homosexual rights and equality since the group was formed. Unfortunately, last presidential election (2004), the group was tagged as a nuisance candidate, thus not having the chance to give voice to the LGBT community in the philippines. The group must have had the chance to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS if people from COMELEC tried to look at them as HUMAN BEINGS who wants to fight for EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.. but no.. they looked at them as a group of GAY people..
NEWSFLASH COMELEC!!! the gay community here in the philippines is rapidly growing!! and by rapidly.. I mean.. look at the guy that who serves your food.. I bet He's gay.. Look at the guy who wears suupper tight yellow skinny jeans walking across the street.. no doubt he's gay. the trainor on your gym, your employee, your sons and/or daughter. Face it!!
This has been said over and over and over.. WE ARE HERE! AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY!


The Remake of FAME was released here in manila OCT 7. I was waiting for this movie to come out for over a year and I was amazed by all the talents that was in it.. especially Anna Maria Perez Detagle(Joy), her role, although small, still very important. she was the best friend of the only gay student in their school of performing arts (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett).. (can you believe it? ) that means she's the only fag hag in that school as well. Everyone's talent was exceptional! naturi naughton (Denise Dupree), gave Fame (the song) and Out here on my own a new fresh twist. All the other characters was great. even that Monster of a dancer student (Kherington Payne Alice Ellerton) who was too good for that latino looking piano playing cutie ( Walter Perez Victor Taveras). My personal Fave was (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett) for I can totally relate to his story.. and his character bought a drop of darkness in the movie.

when you though that you were good enough,, there comes this better student that crushes all of you dreams, then starts eating all of your innerts and drinks you blood. (bitter sobbing! lol) that was when we both learned that being great isnt enough.. you HAVE to be the greatest..

I loved those scenes where everything goes slo-mo while the dancers are up in the air! it was just soo glitteryit made me really dizzy. i hated how fast faced the movie was.. it was almost dragging.. I also did not like the asher brook guy.. his voice is too highschool musical-ish. the whole movie could have been better if they made it longer. they should also have focused on each characters personality and if they too out asher brook..
: )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

IN MY LIFE.... (Movie Review)...

I wasnt really going to watch because john lloyd and luis was in it, but after hearing stories from some friends and officemates.. I just decided to give it a chance. One boring day I decided to go to the movies and take my mom with me. We were at the theater earlier than we should have been. the whole place was filled (as expected).. straight and gay people alike..

after two hours of sobbing (my mom was crying most of the time).. My vow not to watch locally produced films, was already broken. Suprisingly.. though i hate to say it.. I enjoyed the whole movie. Its just great how STAR CINEMA was able to tell this story of a filipino gay couple living in Newyork City having to deal with one's illness (Luis Manzano's character) and the other's legality issue (John lloyd). I personally think that Ms. Vilma Santos was the one responsible of making the whole movie come together. I am sure that pressure was the key for everyone's remarkable performance. especially John Lloyd on that scene where the script called him to bitch slap Vilma!!

I still dont like Luis (Lucky) as an actor but I liked how he played his character in the movie. Soo convincing.. in fact.. TOO Convincing. lol!
John Lloyd.. Is one of the greatest actors that have graced filipino showbusiness with his talent. Though call on the gay character.. tougher call on having to slap the diamond star on the face! finally.. He was just great!! I'm just not so sure im a big fan of him having facial hair and all.. just a tip.. dont grow facial hair!! I dont care if you look like 19 forever! just dont grow hair!! or you'll loose your legion of fans.. Just saying.. : )

Last but certainly never the least!!!! Miss Vilma Santos NEVER looses her charm! She's like the Meryl Streep of the philippines! One sign of a great actress is if she could make the whole movie a success by herself. although the whole cast blended together perfectly. she certainly made a BIG difference. nobody could have done it better!!!

soo cute!!!! SOOOOO cuuute!

Crush of the Week..

I think I should change the title to Crush of my LIFE!!! its because im posting the one and only love of my life..

John Paul (J.P.) Calderon Is an openly gay model from Survivor: Cook Island. Although, Survivor did not really give him enough exposure.. so he joined Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.. While being in this reality show, he encountered INSTINCT magazine who are looking for openly GAY models.. and so Janice,(Inang Reyna) had to talk him through coming out on TV.. because of his natural hotness he did not really need to come out to be booked,, but after coming out, His little dream of being a supermodel skyrocketed!. before the show ended, Janice assigned him to JDMA's branch in newyork as the manager of their male department.. aside from the management all the male models, he is also being booked for runwayshows and AD campaigns..

J.P. was born September 5 1975. in Santa Monica, CA. he is of puerto rican decent and did I mention how HOOOOOTTTT this guy is??? well let me say it now... HE IS HOOOTTT!!!! I have watched JDMA and he is really the most gorgeous models she's got! Photos from TETU.COM

Status: Single

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Stats: 6'2" 200#

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac: Virgo

I LOVE YOU J.P.!!!!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


A Day In Hand is a campaign encouraging people of same sex to hold hand in public. this campaign was founded by David Watkins, A day in hand is fairly new and even though the campaign has been active on some parts of Europe, the group also wants this campaign to spread all over the world. the group tagged the act as Shhhh.. Saturdays the campaign is currently being supported by: London Boris Johnson, Peter Tatchell and Boy George and other celebrities. Holding another persons hand is indeed a small gesture that has a big impact. Holding another person's hand means support and care for someone. It is also a way of slowly making a change in the community. Gay and lesbian people are here to stay! (hear that homophobes?) so we might as well do something to stop homophobia. not in a big grand parade like how we always did it, but in a small but meaningful way, by simply holding your lovers hand around other people. Simply show people how PROUD you are.


“Same-sex hand-holding (Sshh!) is a silent revolution for LGBT people, because nothing needs to be said: no bold speeches, no reactive arguments, no war of words. Each LGBT person has the power to change the hearts and minds of people in their local community quietly, subtly, by simply holding hands publicly and owning their space. However, hand-holding is a simple powerful gesture that can happen anywhere, at any time.”

The first International Shhh Saturday will be on September 26 2009..

Hold his/her hand. show people how much you are in love...

take a picture and send it Here:

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday. Eventhough we had a lot to do at work, we were still able to watch Madonna's latest video for celebration.(which I totally lurrved by the way) It featured a couple of hot guys and her new hot boy-toy/brazilian model, Jesus Luz. The rumored couple met each other at a photoshoot for W magazine published March 2009.

Then, From December 2009, both have been spotted almost everywhere together..
And now he's in her video,, Hawwter that everr!!

he's young and hot.. she's old and rich..
what a perfect couple............ LOL!!!!

Crush Of the Week!!!

Just when i thought I knew models..
Then came Aitor Mateo.

He's a Spanish model who was introduced into modeling by his girlfriend. Then, this 28 year old guitar playing hottie was made. next thing he knows is that he's doing cover for Instinct and doing an ad for Roberto cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana and even Harley Davidson. There had been many write ups about how his career skyrocketed after his photographs were taken by Hudson Wright and was published in Instinct magazine last April.. But I think the reason why he's famous is because he just drop dead gorgeous!!

Height 6'2"
Suit 41"
Neck 15.5"
Waist 32"
Shoe 11.5 US
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
what's more exciting about this beautiful beautiful person is that aside from being totally HOT ! Physically.. He's got something between his ears!!! Quoting him on an interview at

"Sexiness is something that comes naturally, I think. It’s when a man looks natural, like when he’s comfortable with how he looks, even when he isn’t, you know, a model. That’s sexy."

This model certainly is comfortable on how he looks.. even I am..
Haaii.. i think im in love... LOL!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


A couple of hours ago while me and tapioca was on our shifts trying to stay awake (or asleep). Jellybean sent a text message saying that she had a dream about me and her and COACH. COACH and I dated (focus on the DATED part) for 5 months. Although we had really great times.. like when we went to Divisoria while it was raining and I did not get any sleep and he had me bring everything that we bought then we went to see his "clanmates" while i was looking drugged because of lack of sleep and the grueling visit to divisoria. anyways.. going back.. She then told me about the dream, and i goes like this..

She was inside a cinema and she was with COACH.. they were watching trailers then COACH suddenly moved to another seat because he saw one of his friends.. jellybean was looking at what COACH was doing.. he was talking to his friend and texting and talking to someone over the phone.. and he was "doodling".. he then called jellybean to sit beside him. he showed her what he was doodling.. he was weighing pro's and con's of being with me.. he also drew pictures of sexual positions that i dont like doing.. (trust me there is none!! LOL) and finally he also said that every relationship that I will have in the future will end up just like how ours ended. being a very reserved person that she is, jellybean felt uncomfortable about what they were talking about.. she then decided to leave the cinema.. while she was on the escalator, COACH ran after her and tried to snatch the paper that she was holding. she did not want him to have the papers for she wanted to show these to THIRDY'S MOM. so they were fighting on the escalator when jellybean woke up and find out that it was all a dream..
As jellybean was telling me her dream, she was a bit hesitant because she's afraid it might hurt me. It did.. but I have been there. I have been hurt.. A lot of times. and I can say I have learned that what doesnt kill you.. only makes you stronger.. And without pain.. you will never survive the real world. so from these pains I learned to draw strength.


I just recovered from the horror of the fact that miss Philippines on the recently concluded Miss Universe did not win anything.. not even miss photogenic that for three years in a row Philippines was able to bag. What happened was she mixed herself with the rest of the girls.. I think she did not even try to stand out. Although I was able to catch her on TV last night and the girl was a total faghag.. I guess she had a lot of gay friends from work. (not that there are a lot of gay cabin crew working for Philippines airlines)Miss Kosovo on the other hand stood out. One possibility though is the fact that she had the biggest hair.. but my bet really was miss Australia.. she looked like Barbie . not just the generic Barbie.. she looked like Barbie Hollywood.. I luurved her.. I actually though she will win until she was called for the third runner up spot. Congratulations though to miss Venezuela. She came a looong way to get there.. she waited for that moment her whole life.. Literally.. her whole life.. lol..


Earlier this week i was not feeling so well since the guy I was dating (focus on the WAS part) was being difficult, and my asshole of an officemate was being himself again..(I think we all know who im talking about) I think he's getting soo old his brain is starting to deteriorate already. It was last friday when me and "COACH" (the guy i was dating.. (let's call him that since thats the nature of his job) and my other non annoying officemates decided to go drinking at BUZZPOINT near Metrowalk inside Autocamp. Although I texted my Mother that I was in a meeting with our bosses (this is my usual alibi) and go home right away after the meeting. I ended up at Coaches room.. I also had to go to work without taking a bath.. EEWWW!! I know.. but i was not able to pack any extra clothes for the original plan was waking up in my room.. not some other guys..
everything was going the way they usually are.. nothing could get more boring than knowing that you are doing the exact same thing you did last week and the week before that.. then the unexpected happened.
My Mom got me a new phone!! not just that.. she also got me the Beyonce Experience LIVE DVD and the diva's latest album.. I am.. Sasha fierce!!!
I should say.. I did not expect these gifts to come from her.. She knows that I am what I am.. But she does not want to believe it. same thing goes with my brother.. they both think that this is some kind of "Phase" that ill get tired of.. but this was indeed a suprise! More than the gifts.. what made me really really happy was the though that my mother and brother is slowly trying to accept who I really am and who I want to be..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crush Of the Week!!!

Presenting Model, Rodrigo Calazans from Why not Models based in Milan, Italy..


Height: 185 - 6' 1"

Bust: 95 - 38"

Waist: 75 - 29"

Hips: 105 - 41"

Hair color: blonde

Eye color : blue.

Queue: Calle otcho.. (You know you want me!)