Thursday, October 15, 2009

The JULIE/JULIA Project!!

I swear!! this movie thing with the "Mother of all fag hags" is turning out to be a regular thing.. and so far.. Im loving it.. Plus its also my way of teaching her to give herself a break every now and then from her usual self.
After cleaning the whole house twice in one day.. She suddenly asked if I wanted to watch a movie.. (as if I'd say no!) then I asked her what movie she wanted to watch.. I was expecting her to say something that I already told her about, but no.. she wanted to watch.. Since I havent watched it yet and she's paying.. I agreed to watch it. So.. Did we watch it?? NO! It's not being played on our local theaters just yet.. so instead of not giving her options and taking her to watch the movie I really want to watch (The Ugly Truth) , I walked her through all the Available movies at that day.. The Ugly Truth was an option but we're going to have to wait for an hour and a half. I did not want to wait for that long so We BOTH decided to watch..

Julie & Julia was a True-to-Life Story about a Blogger: Julia Powell (Amy Adams) who Blogged her way back to life. She was a government employee who just moved to Queens with her editor husband Eric Powell (Chris Messina ). She was feeling left out with her friends for all of them seem to be getting more and more successful as she remains to be a lowly government employee.. she then decided to re-create Julia child's Recipe's and put all of her experience in her blog.. Julie was in 2002..

Julia Child (Meryl Streep ) on the other hand was a housewife living in paris with her husband Paul Child(Stanley Tucci) in the year 1961. Being Pure Blooded American, She wanted something to do for her free time.. She tried to make use of her time by joining clubs, but most of it failed. She then figured out what she really wanted to do.. and that is to cook, and especially eat. Professional cooking way back then, Was dominated by the Male sex, but Julia begged to differ.. for this, she and a friend wrote a french cookbook in english for the servantless wifes that was eventually changed to Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Aside from the rhyming of their names, they both share the same Characteristics. They both Aim Him but never forgot to shoot low, they both have undying love for their husbands, They Cook and Eat like there's no tomorrow, And Finally they both know what every recipe needs..
" You can NEVER have enough butter!"

from a Blog.. To a Book.. now a Movie!!!

Buon Appetit!

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