Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I dont really know how to react on this.,, I went really crazy anticipating this movie.. the trailer freaked me out.. I don't really know if it's just alcohol that's talking right now.. but I'm pretty sure that even if I'm not drunk.. I think it's safe to say that I will NEVER be terrified with this movie,, It's just not freaky enough.. I know everyone is in a buzz about this movie.. and that it reached world wide market.. but it just did not satisfy... ME.. at least.. I watched this movie ALONE.. pretty much the first movie that I watched alone.. I just thought that it could.. somehow.. measure how much I could get freaked out.. but I'm sorry to disappoint you.. but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be..

the cast..

Katie Featherston ... Katie

Micah Sloat ... Micah

Mark Fredrichs ... The Psychic

Ashley Palmer ... Diane

Amber Armstrong ... Amber

the plot..

just a new couple living together in california.. then they experience STUFF in their house.. all these STUFF get's captured in camera.. then the bit@% kill teh dude.. and even if I really despise watching this movie.. I think I should commend them with the story line and how REAL the whole movie looked.. as for everything else.. I'm sorry but it made me regret watching this... well you can't blame me.. it got too much attention from everyone else..

; )

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