Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's not really about being EMO or anything.. I just like having my time alone.. I am a very social person,, I love being around other people.. especially ugly people.. well,, at least ugly-er people.. because I know I will stand out.. But there are also days that I just like people to leave me alone..
I have been chatting with my ex-boyfriend via YM and Email and Facebook and my mobile.. he calls every now and then. And I really appreciate it! it's just that yesterday,, he called me while I was shopping for stuff. I wasnt able to answer at first because I really did not want to entertain any text messages or calls that day. and I don't want to be bothered while I'm shopping!!! can't a gay boy take his precious precious time shopping?? He called 16 times.. how's about completely ruining my day.. why didn't he just blew the whole mall away and force me to have sex with him?? I swear!! It really ruined my whole day!! when I finally answered,, he asked me why did I not tell him that I'll be going out shopping! the NURRVEEE!!! And I was not able to stop myself.. I just had to tell him to F**k off.. And I felt really bad shouting at him,, I decided to cut my shopping time, and just head home.. And to help me calm,, I had glass of margarita before I went home.. I got home feeling really bad.. I had a couple of beers to help me sleep.. I did not log in YM and Facebook just to stay away from him.. and the next day.. when I checked my YM I got this..

3:49 PM 12/1

ah ganun b feeling pressure k b skin e ngyon lng ako nagtanng syo nagalit k p anu b talga plano m

3:50 PM 12/1

nananahimik ako tapos babanatan m ako n mahal m ako at mis m ako

3:51 PM 12/1

josh kilala m ako d k nmn hinahanap ung dating ikaw e gsto k lng maging fair at kung anu b seryosohan b o gaguhan lng o paguwi k lng tyo

3:51 PM 12/1

para alam

3:51 PM 12/1


3:52 PM 12/1

sya nga pla fyi kinausap pla ako n papa regarding s kung anu ako ,well cnabi k lahat then sinabi k kung pwde k pumunta ng bahay ......oo lng nmn sgot nila pwdeng pwde

3:52 PM 12/1

thanx s paasa m ah.............

And being the bitch that I am.. I wouldnt let this go!! especially that not everything that he wrote in that message was true!! and being really early in the morning .. I, Unintentionally, uleashed the bitch in me..

.....hindi kita pinapaasa.. kaya lang ano ba ginagawa mo? bakit kailangan magpaalam ako ayo? hindi ako nagbago the last time I checked. natuto ako.. hindi ako nagbago.. wala ka kasing tiwala.. bakit? natatakot ka sa multo mo? Sorry, pero hindi ako ganun.. hai kung galit ka.. fine.. kung nagsusungit man ako.. lagi ba? hindi mo pala kayang tangappin ung kasamaan ko eh.. then i dont think you deserve my good as well.. I accepted all your bad.. you never gave me any good..


or you get this..

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