Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just finished reading this Paolo Coelho book and I was amazed at how this book both contained simplicity and depth. I dont know how it affected other readers but one thing is accurate. It will give you a brand new outlook in life. It will make you want to live life to the fullest. Although the approach that he used was very traditional, he had a way of telling the story of a woman who was tired of the life that she lived and decided to commit suicide. Veronica as the main character was a really good representation for every one of us. she was single, she had a job, she goes to the same bar to get the same drink every other night, she has troubles with her family, she picks the same clothes. but this was not the life she wanted. she wanted to do something that will give her country honor.. she decided to commit suicide because she lost hope in achieving her dream.. and fortunately enough.. her attempted suicide failed. she then woke up on a mental facility where she meets people who were called "crazy" because they did what they wanted to do. she then learned from these people through their stories but none of these people made her want to live. she was given a couple of days to live because those pills that she took caused a hole in her heart. Veronika then realized that she has succeded and she just have to wait for a couple of days.. but everything changed after she met Eduard.

The book was a really good read.. I will definately recommend it to everyone.. I read this book a week ago and I am now a really big Paolo Coelho fan.. in fact I bought another book. according to the cover, It was a Novel of Temptations.. It was titled "The Devil and Miss Prym". cant wait..

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