Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today I went to church. and I was relieved off a lot of things. work hasn't been a good thought lately because I was being pressured by: the up and coming events, : making a sale at least once a day : and having three different bosses.

I survived the last couple of events and there's still more. last Friday, I had to coordinate the band that played for the mass hiring that my company had, I am in charge for the "TWILIGHT" look-a-likes. and the "PEP SQUAD" for the basketball competition. I had three sales last week which had a weak reflection on my stats. I spent more time floor walking everyday last week than taking in calls. and soo much more things that automatically brings me down just thinking about it. especially one of my "BOSSES". I have no problem with my TL. she's really nice. but hopefully not too nice. I also need her to not let anybody take me off the phones. I am also more than willing to help anina out with her classes because I get to know all these other people and answer all of their questions before they hit the floor.. but I also want to make more sales for my team. again. I am only going to make sales if I am on-the-phone taking in calls. I must admit. being on special "AUX" is nice. but the look that my team-mates give me is also heart breaking knowing that I'm not putting as much effort as they are. last week was really grueling but I got to meet him. amidst the rain and humidity. he was able to sweep me off my feet.. again... so my week wasn't soo bad after all.. and I am looking forward to a better week.. besides,, it's my B-day this weekend..

@ jellybean.. I told you,, create your friggin facebook account already.. don't let ORKA over there stop you!!

@ thirdy's mom.. could you please kill that orka already so we could sell it to the japanese?? lol!!

@ orka.. before thirdy's mom kill you.. could you make me a copy of the glee episodes?? ill bring discs.. lol!!

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