Saturday, August 22, 2009


Is it not every little gay boys dream to be her? Is it not every grown man's dream to be Ding the ever loyal sidekick? apparently there is more to the filipino superheroine than what we credit her for.

This filipino superheroine created by Mars Ravelo was originally known as Varga, Mars Ravelo and his team decided to change the name that was launched on May 13 1950. Darna is a warrior from outer space that has manifested herself as a human girl. although this contradicts the whole flow of the story. In the story Narda is a limp village girl who picks up a white pebble and for some weird reason she wanted to swallow the stone. (So much for gay undertone) no wonder she is one of the top Gay icons here in the philippines. they even made another Komiks character like her (Zsa Zsa Zaturna. another character that swallows a boulder!!

Over the years, the Darna character did not stop in the world of Komiks. 1951 was the year the first Darna movie was released. Rosa Del Rosario was the first Darna followed by Liza Moreno, Eva Montes, Gina Pareno and Vilma Santos. After a couple of years that they Retold the story of the heroine countless times they decided to put in a twist. Chiquito (a comedian) had a character in the movie "Terribol Dobol" and was the first Man who played Darna. This movie was tehn followed by "Darna Kuno" where three different people had the chance to swallow the much coveted pebble these are.. Brenda del Rio, Dolphy and Lotis Key. After this.. everybody wanted to be Darna.

Rio Locsin, Anjanette Abayari, Sharon Cuneta and even the Asia's song bird Regine Velasquez became Darna..

In 2005, the story of Darna was remade by Angel Locsin, After this, she became number 1 on FHM's sexiest women. she was followed by the very first "Black Darna" played by Katrina Halili. this "Black Darna character was an addition to all of her other villains.

Some of her less known Classic Villains are Armida, ang Babaeng Lawin (Hawk Woman), Lutgarda, ang Babaeng Linta (Leech woman), Domino Lipolico (Used by the Devil to spread dominism in Southeast Asia) and X3X (a Warrior Queen).

And the list of the much more famous villains. Roma, ang Babaeng Impakta,(A Vampiric female born with a conjoined parasitic demon-twin) Lucifera, ang Babaing Tuod (Woodwitch) and her Archnemensis (Of course, another Gay icon) Valentina the snake goddess.

This year they made another remake of Darna. This time it will be played by Marianne Rivera and Valentina will be played by Iwa Motto. Getting these roles are pretty much like winning Miss Philippines.. sooo.. all I can say is.. Good luck to both of them.. they will both be following a long list of great actresses(and actors) that gave a different meaning to the character everytime they played it. And this is not just another character.. this i DARNA.

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