Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have always loved the sound that the violin produces. that's why I studied it. today one of my officemates C. Corvinus introduced me to this piece. "Trillo del diavolo" or "The devils thrill" is a piece for violin composed by Pietro Locatelli, C.Corvinus told me the story behind the piece, according to the story Pietro dreamt of the devil and it was offering him everything that he desires in exchange for his soul. Pietro supposedly declined the devil's offer and gave him his violin instead. the devil then started playing and as soon as pietro woke up he wrote whatever he remembers from the dream.

It is a piece so complex it requires a certain level of virtuosity on whoever wants to play it. Aside from the difficult techniques used for this masterpiece it literally brings out the emotion felt on pietro's dream. I cant post any link here but its available on

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