Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yes.. Yes.. yes.. I know i should have posted something down when I first created this blog but things have happened and I had a lot think about. For this "I am Sorry" . For my first blog (since i wanted this to mean a lot) I am going to post everything that I should say "sorry" for .
First, I believe I should say sorry to HIM up there.. I know im not much of a son.. I kept trying to live this life by myself.. for the times i forgot or refuse to seek refuge from you. I will keep trying to be better though.. Im sorry to my mother for all the words I was not able to say and for all the times I forgot. Sorry to my Brother.. I know I'm not much of an older brother. I'm sorry for all the times that your friends kept teasing you about you having a gay big brother. I know how hard it is. they do not, and will not understand. I am sorry bestfriend.. I havent been giving you much time lately. I am sorry officemate.. I try to be as productive as possible but i guess I'm Just not good enough. And finally.. Im sorry self.. sorry for holding you back.. for not letting your spark flare.. I am sorry for letting all those opportunities go to waste. I am sorry for not fighting for what you want. I am sorry for not letting you show your real self to everybody..

all these being said. I'd like to take this as a transition. I know i will still committ further mistakes in the future, I'm also not making a promise, I just want to be different from what i am now.

I want to be able to bring other people joy, love and happiness by simply being who I am.

In conclusion, this Blog should mark the beginning of a new life. pretty much like saying sorry..

Quoting the polish pianist Arthur Rubinstein... "" Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back "

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