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2nd book of the Twilight saga revolves around what happened after the vampire incident that almost took bella's life. Her birthday came and she celebrated it with the Cullens. While opening a gift, Bella had a paper cut, this then provoked one of the Cullens to react violently against bella. After this incident, the Cullen Coven had to leave the town because people have noticed that there wasnt a slight sign of aging on all of the family members especially Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli). Not knowing this, Bella started being a adrenaline junkie and kept seeking trouble for the hopes of Edward will come and save her again.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) asked her bestfriend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) to fix her motorbike and this then paved way for Jacob to move in closer to Bella. still longing for Edward to comeback, Bella still cannot give Jacob the love that he want's. After a coule of days of no contact with Jacob Bella decided to visit him. Only to find out that Jacob Had turned into A werewolf and was a part of a pack. Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) James's (Cam Gigandet) partner was also hunting Bella for revenge.

Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) Having the power to see the future, worried that bella might have died because of her recent high risk activities. this information reached Edward and so he went to the Volterra to have himself killed. The Volterra refused his offer because of his abilities and potential. so instead of killing him they offered Edward a position in their coven. Edward declined this offer for he knew that bella was dead and that he did not see any reason for him to live. he then tried to show himself to humans under the sunlight for this is the only way Volterra will kill him. Bella and alice then rushed to the Volterra to stop Edward from showing himself to humans. Volterra was amazed on how BElla is willing to ris her life for a vampire like Edward, Alice reasoned out to the Volterra that she saw Bella being turned into a vampire eventually.
Bella wanted to be a vampire but the treaty says that no Cullen can bite any human. this then creates a conflict. that was easily resolved by Edward by asking Bella's hand for marriage.

*** Dakota Fanning was AMAZING!! she played Jane, Vamp with the power of instilling anything to her pray by just focusing and saying it. loved this second installment of the

I Should say.. I love the wolf pack.. talk about bad puppies!!!!


Poor Jacob.. It's Okay..

Im still here..

Pour you wrath on me baby!!! lol!!

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