Saturday, January 30, 2010


This past week was everything but nice.. Now that it all ended, it left me feeling like I was strapped on a rollercoaster for 5 days!! It was one of those days when you really want to split yourself into two pieces just to be able to do everything!! first was the training for the new account, which was verry challenging. (sales is NOT a JOKE!!) second was the wedding, (thank GOD im done with that!) then, as usual, you have to ALWAYS look your best. next, I had to think of the little girl i left in the house. then try to work with my new UN WORKABLE co workers. finally my family. this week i felt like i was being dragged all over metro manila!! but I just had to make it work!! I wanted to give up but I realized.. that nobody will do it for me.. I'm standing with my own two feet now.. before i had tri's mom and jellybean to help me out. but now It's time to return the favor.. I have to show them that we the DAY WALKERS are the ultimate agents!! while people thought that we are doing PETIKS,, we were trying to build a functional human brain. we even did variations of it. we wanted to replace a certain someone's brain so IT could actually work..

the first couple of days were hard.. I forgot information overload was synonymous with training. I failed on the 1st mock call. on the first day. they gave me 30. out of 100. but i knew i just have to redeem myself!! so with all my might.. and my life on the line.. (bragging rights) on the second mock call,, i gave her (or she gave me,, 100!!) ha!!

by the way !! what up with the other trainee?? could somebody tell IT to stop being FUGLY?? hehe!! I'll update with IT's picture.. I'm on my way to being frenemys with it.. hahaha!! really. if we hated bounce/banakal/ash wednesday? with this LADY GAGA WANNABE (I prefer calling it PETRA.) you guys will surely wish killing is not punishable by law.

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  1. who's that ugly creature you're talking about? is IT from middle earth? hehehe i misssssssss youuuuuuuuu!!!! Bouncy's trying to be friendly. She was introduced to me and I was like "erm, are you new?" *bitchy*