Monday, January 11, 2010


And yes my good people I am still alive!!! These past few weeks have been really
tiring(especially the holidays). A day seemed to last for a month! aside from the routine
that you got used doing the whole year, you also have to prepare for gifts and other holiday
stuff.. and even though I almost killed myself preparing for this feast, my christmas and
newyear had been really different. I spent christmas without my family because they chose to
spend it in the hospital where my grandmother was confined. (don't get me started about
that). and so i decided to invite a couple of friends to come over and spend christmas with
me. We were having a really great time until another "friend" (sunshine) came over and made
herself welcomed. using my phone,, she then texted and called people who I can't even
consider friends because they're just pretty much visible if there's booze. so,, from 5 of
my closest FRIENDS, I ended up having 15 guests. and I knew that it was going to be a
disaster! and it was.. the whole house was really loud because of the music they were
playing and all the chatter. it also seemed like there was fire because the ceiling was
filled with cigarette smoke.

And because I had to go to work the next day, I had to shoo them away.. and fortunate
enough,, from 15.. Me my bestfriend and her hubby were the one's left and had to clean the
whole house.. (thanx monchy and pats!!!). And sunshine,, could you please return my
sweater?? and while you're at it could you please use the dictionary and compare the
difference between lend and give?

As for my newyear.. it was great and LOUD and happy because my lola was out of the hospital
already and nobody else was sick.. and even though we weren't able to play with fireworks so
much because of my lola, and my mom and my tita had a fight.. We still had a great newyear's
party because we welcomed 2010 as a family.

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