Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple of minutes ago i had a call from my boss asking about what happened on my last shift last monday morning. he was asking if I went inside the quality assurance room, and so I told him I did. he also asked me if I touched the scanner, I did not know that it was a scanner because I thought that it was a printer, but, yes! I did touch something that might have been a scanner that I thought of as a printer,, and then he told me that it was broken and I might have something to do with it..

And so here's what really happened..

Last monday morning, around 4:30 to 5:00 am , We had to print out our choices for 2010 and since there was only one printer working, (the one inside the QA room) I had to go inside the QA area to have it printed. I also asked for permission from the only QA (Quality Analist) inside the room if I could use the printer and she said yes. I did not know how the printer inside the QA area looked like so I instanly thought of the scanner as a printer. I tried pressing the "on" button but it did not turn on and so I asked QA if it's working. she said yes. I did not know if she looked at what I assumed to be the printer. then I saw it unplugged. I then I tried to plug it in but I did not see any ports near the scanner at first. after looking around I saw an extension cord that was a bit far from the scanner. i tried reaching out the scanner power cord to the extension to plug it. when I was finally able to plug it in, I heard a pop somewhere. I was shocked! I feared that I might have broken the scanner. QA asked me what the pop was and I told her that I did not know and that it must've been the scanner that I thought of as the printer. she then pointed out the printer that was on the other side of the desk. I turned the other printer on and I was able to print out our choices documents. and that's it! I am guilty and I think I broke it. And one more thing,, my boss told me I'm going to have to pay for the repair if It was proven that it was me who broke it..

Oh!! and one last thing.. the scanner is not available here in the philippines! it came all the way from the states. so if there will be a part that needs replacement.. I'm going to have to pay for that as well..

I'm scared because I do not know how much this would cost. I know this WILL make a big impact on all of my plans for this year!

1. going back to ITALY, which I have been planning, dreaming and saving for since last year,

2. Philippine Women's University School of Music, I could have been graduating this year if I hadn't stopped adn I was planning to go back this year ..

3. I-phone, that was my goal this year..

4. FITNESS FIRST. I was also planning to hit the gym this year.

sooo,, good luck with me!! aside from paying for the thing. this is also added on my long list of problems that 2010 gave me on it's first month.. I'm going to stick with this and update if there will be any progress..

please pray that it won't cost much..

: (

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  1. Oh no. It was an accident so I hope wag ka na nila pagbayarin nyan!