Saturday, September 5, 2009


September 4 2009 on the issue of science, US researchers announced that there is a possible CURE or a better form of prevention for aids-HIV . They were able to find two antibodies that could help stop the mutation of the virus on carriers. the antibodies was found on a HIV positive african patient. after a couple of tests they were able to figure out that the virus did not seem to grow or mutate.
For many many years we have been spending thousands to millions to billions of money for the research dedicated to fight the HIV virus. After many (and I mean MANY!!) failed research and studies, it is about time that we find a solution to this dillemma that has been haunting us for decades. Many people died.. friends a families have sufferred enough dealing with this nightmare. the human race finally found something that could (maybe not stop) but prevent it. (good job humans!!!)

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