Sunday, February 7, 2010


'I woke up at around 1130am this morning and I did not want to do anything and
just laze around the whole day. this was because of the gays night out the
night before and we decided to wrap it all up at around 4am. after having a
fantastic lunch my mom made. she prepared for work and asked me to not leave
the house and keep watch of my brother and his girlfriend who was supposed to
come after lunch. there was not much to do so we decided to watch movies. first
we watched The Wedding Date featuring Debra Messing and Dermont Mulroney.
Although I have watched this movie 3 times I still like watching it over and over. which is pretty much how I would describe a good movie. then I was Inroduced to the movie UNFAITHFUL.
It starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane and the equally gorgeous Olivier
Martinez (check him out!). It was a movie so subtle and at the same time so
realistic it will definately bring you chills. Its an instant classic that will
definately bring somebody who's planning to have an affair, to think about it
first.and to not give the third party a glass snow globe thats hard enough to
break someone head at one hit. I personally liked the flow of the story. it's
pretty much like the southpark episode I watched the other day titled The
Butters show. except it had a more serious take (of course!). I understand that
Men likes to have a little something something on the side. whether at the
office or at the nearest bar. and at this day and age, the culture have adapted
this "something". and Men seemed to have mastered the art of havng multiple
But when women commit adultery. people simply don't look at it the same way
they look at men doing the exact same thing. so much for equality!! lol! im not
saying that Adultery is okay. I'm saying why do it? Lack of sex?? I mean why
would sex come out of the relationship? why not just do it everyday?? yes,
there are days that someone will be busy, or too tired to do it, but 3 to 4
times a week could still work right?? And a couple cannot base their
relationship with sex. SEX IS JUST A PART OF THE RELATIONSHIP. It is commitment
that is the heart of the relationship.

good thing for us GAY people. well.. maybe just for me.. have accepted that we
men are just really and always horny.. it's as natural as the sweat coming out
of our bodies. aside from the other STUFF that comes out. and you simply
cannot cut it off. we might as well just accept the fact that at one point your
boyfriend will have an affair. and at another point , you're going to have to
face it alone. trust me,, I have..

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  1. i'd have enough passion to kill a man having multiple affairs, same as my passion for sex :)