Monday, February 15, 2010


3 weekends.. 3 verry different guys.. one ending.. I spent valentines alone..
just like the past 20 years.. but i couldnt have spent it any other way!! and
today.. I was browsing over PLANETROMEO and there he was.. looking suuper
gorgeous.. and his profile gave me all i needed when it comes to meeting people
online.. bitchy.. yes.. but it definately reeks TRUTH!! especially gay people..
and more specifically those who use gayromeo.. thanx Mr. AcquaDiGio!!

11) How can you tell if a profile is likely to be a fake profile? Here is the
anatomy of a fake profile:
+ The picture(s) is/are quite GOOD (good looking guy) and quite professional
(good lighting.. looks like a picture from porn series). Or he has a headless
picture with AMAZING (usually very ahtletic or 6pack) body. (It doesn't matter
if the pictures are in his profile or he sends them to you in his first message
to you to lure you into wasting time with him.)
+ the age in the profile is around 16-35. Most people will agree that this is
the most "marketable" age range.

^^^now these two points are ones that GET YOUR HOPES UP? Most guys will let the
hormone rush steer the judgment at this point. But proceed with great care

- the profile is RELATIVELY NEW: you can tell by the profile number on the top
left corner. (At this point you may ask: which profile number is considered to
be "NEW"?? Simple! Just compare the number with the profile number of one of
the new members of this site.)
- Low number of visitors in his profile (let's say less than 10,000).
- very few people have saved the profile as "known"
- he agrees to meet you quickly.. easily.. everywhere.. any time (for example,
right away) with almost no condition. (He wanna make u excited and gets your
hopes up. Do not be fooled easily!)

10) Now this is probably the BEST advice you will ever get from Gayromeo. And
i'm offering you all for FREE --> How to make sure you will not get fooled by
fakers here? I use 4 simple steps to root out fakers once and for all. And let
me tell you, I have never been duped yet since I started using following these
- 1. First, read my previous point (number 11) and ask yourself: Is his profile
likely a fake profile? Do not let the nice hot pix cloud your judgment... If
he's likely a fake, bails out quickly.
- 2. Next, ask for more body / facepics. Why? Because if the guy is genuine, he
is likely to have more pictures of himself from different angles.
- 3. Then if you still think he is real, ask him to give you his mobile number.
- 4. Send your address / location to meet to him via mobile phone. If he
receives it **AND** confirms it via a reply message, he is not a fake.
NEVER skip steps 3 and 4 (no matter how hot he is). These are the deal-breaker.
And you can be sure your life will be fakers-free...
Things to do for fun if he turns out to be a fake after following the above

- A. Start giving him calls after midnight to make sure he never gets good nite
sleep again MUWHAHAHAAHAHAH!!! He could turn his mobile phone off at nights to
avoid your calls, but it also means his phone will become useless at night too.
- B. And you can ring his mobile during the day time randomly as well. You
don't even have to talk. You can hang up as soon as he picks it up. If everyone
does this, his mobile phone will sound all day long and the number will be
rendered useless very quickly..
- C. You can also use a VOIP program that dials phone numbers automatically to
make his phone rings every few minutes/hours and drive the guy insane.
9) Things people write on gayromeo and what they REALLY mean:
+ "Hi" (as the first message) --> I wanna to have sex with you.

+ "Hi Sexy" (as the first message) --> I really wanna have sex with you.

+ "Thank you." (a a reply message after receiving a compliment) --> Thank you
for your compliments, but I'm not really interested. But at least i'm polite
enough to reply, ok? So, just drop it..

+ (no reply at all) --> I'm not interested and I get far too many messages to
reply to you.

8) How to interpret a gayromeo profile correctly:
+ "Looking for fun" --> Lookin for SEX.. (Why do guys have problem admitting
they want sex?)
+ "Looking for: -- " --> I'm looking for sex, but I'm too shy to admit it!
+ "Looking for: Sexdate" (in a profile without facepic) --> I'm looking for

sex, but I don't wanna be recognized by my (boy)friend(s) here.
+ "Safer sex needs discussion" --> Yes, I will have unsafe sex with you if you

are hot enough. End of discussion!
+ "Safer sex: never" --> At least I'm very honest!
+ "Hair: hairy" (in a profile with smooth bodypics) --> I stole bodypics from
someone else.
+ "Nothing" (as online status) --> I'm looking for sex, but I'm too shy to
+ "Date" (as online status) --> I'm looking for sex, but I'm too shy to admit.
+ "Sex" (as online status) --> I'm looking for sex, and at least i'm honest
about it!
+ "Sex" (as online status, between 1am -6am) --I'm looking for sex, NOW! But
preferably at my place because I'm too lazy to go out.
7) How do you know if he is interested, after you sent him a message? Simple!
Just observe the length of his reply messages. If his messages are about as
long as your messages, then just keep the conversation going. But if they are
about half as long as yours, then finish it quickly. Otherwise you will be
wasting the bandwidth / electricity and accelerating global warming, while
having no chance of getting into his pants whatsoever.
6) Filthy hypocrites are my favourite kind of people: Guys who write in their
profiles "A message with only 'hi' won't get a reply from me." When I read
something like that it makes me wanna cry "Puuuleeeeeeeezzzz" out loud... Stop
pretending you are sophisticated / superior by demanding meaningful
conversation. FACT is: if the guy was really your type, you would write him a
message anyway, even if he sent you a message containing only a fullstop..
Fuck, you would even write him a message even if he hadn't written anything to
you. So.. people.. tone down your ego a bit, won't you?

5) A note to all of you who don't get a reply from me: Thank you for your
message and interest. But I don't think we are a match. -- Please don't ask
why, etc. It won't change anything. (Why sugar is sweet? Why fire burns? It's
just the way it is.) People with style take "no" as a no, move on and never
look back.

4) After all these years, there is still a mystery that I can't figure out:
Profiles with no facepic. There seems to be lots of profiles with headless
bodies. Why? Let's do some analysis...
- To protect their own real identities? (Identity hiding reminds me of personal
ads in newspapers or magazines the 80s, when people had a black stripe over
their eyes. Some people still stuck in the 80s, obviously.)
- Or is it because that great body in the picture does not belong to the
profile's owner? (People love easy exit and instant gratification. They would
rather have a profile with somebody else's great body, than going to a gym and
sweat it out.)

- Or the head is simply too fugly that he would rather leave home without it?
(Just go to Iraq.. That dream may come true.. hehehe)
Well.. I guess we will never know..

3) Three years ago, I met a guy who was fives years older than me. Recently I
checked out his profile again and it turned out, to my surprise, now I'm two
years older than him. I know that according to Einstein's theory of relativity,
time flows differently depending on the strength of the gravitational field...
hmm if i could only figure out where time flows slower..

2) I just queried how many users have the word "sport" in their usernames on
this site.. Oh wow.. 1700+. Sportbi, Sportboy, Sportsweet, Sportgay, etc...
What about "hot" or "boy"?? Plenty.. Basically you can find pretty much the guy
of your dream here online.. Just search for users with your desired qualities..
(sport, boy, hot, etc) And voila! He will magically appear on this little blue
screen. ;-)

1) On this site, almost everyone (!amazing!) has at least an "L"-size dick. So
I guess we can abolish S and M sizes altogether. In fact, **NO ONE** here has a
dicksize "S". Research papers show that many men believe his dick is bigger
than it really is. 5cm longer than the actual length, in fact..

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