Sunday, February 7, 2010


"..Drink wine, this is life eternal
This, all that youth will give to you
It is the season for wine, roses
And drunken friends..
Be happy for this moment
This moment is your life
This moment is your life.."

A part from the UNFAITHFUL movie from my previous post. and it simply brought me
back to last weekend when my gayfriends.. ALR♥♥ also known as Anne Curtis,
JA♥V♥♥ a.k.a Serena Dalrimple and/or Kuya Kim. and last but definately not the least.. Rachel Berry (Ne♥♥♥). It was Friday Payday and I wasn't able to stop myself from spending my hard earned money. First we went to DQ araneta, to wait for Inang Reyna (Bar♥♥). and Rachel Berry who was with her Boytoy who desperately need to drink one of those height enhancing pills! but Rachel Berry saved his reputation, by saying that he's got washboard abs. After a couple of minutes of waiting an old GYPSY lady went to our table and offered her fortune telling services. It got me too excited and scared at the same time so I offered alron to go first and I'll cover half of his FORTUNE TELLING BILL. and she began.. she got most of anne curtis' problems right and told him to bring his "BOYTOY" (sorry for the term but I don't know what he is to you.) and before i could comment or even think about something to say, I was asking her to tell my fortune as well..

just like alron's I don't want to put in here everything. just maybe the major parts. 1st. Believe it or not.. she said that I do a lot of self pity. I was shocked when she said that I do too much self pity. I made me think.. do I? is being in touch with reality doing too much self pity? I know that I can pretty much handle myself pretty good. by that I mean I SOMETIMES think that being too proud kills the natural person inside you. people need to fart. people need to crap. people need to cry. people need to face facts. we need to understand that the world revolves around the sun and not you.. next, she predicted that I will be having ANOTHER kid.. that, I don't know.. i can also predict that i'll be having a vasectomy next week. lol! then it was Sarena's time. the Old lady said that he handles money too tightly. and that he's going to have a rich benefactor in the future. aside from that. we all have good fortune in terms of work, health, family, and friends. after this we decided to go to the bar that we were suppose to go to, and meet inang reyna there. rachel berry then texted me that she was on her way so i gave her the directions on how to go there. Alron sang with the drag queens and he was all sraight acting and everything. then Rachel wanted to use the restroom. I wanted to take her there so she'll feel safe. and as i waited for her to finish, I saw this guy over at the Bar and I though that he was really cute. either he is. or its just dark and im already drunk off my ass. I walked up to him and asked "straight ka ba?" I should say that it still made a lot of sense because he really does look straight. then he said "hindi, bakit?" I was not able to say anything else anymore and for some reason I back out. I started looking for rachel and as I checked our table she was already sitting there with Anne and Sarena. there wasn't too much to say to the guy from the bar. so I went up to the table and join the girls again. We laughed and danced and sang along with the performers. then it was time to go home. I specifically told everyone to make sure that I go home first because I tend to make wrong decisions when I'm drunk (who doesnt right?). but then I still had to make sure that they go home safetly, so I had to get them a cab first before i went home. I was walking across the street. and believe it or not.. I WAS SUPRISED!! the guy from the bar was there. I told
myself that I will take the next cab. but when i finally got a cab he stopped
me and asked me if I could go with him. and YES!! blame alchohol!! may all the
angels forgive me! i did.

I honestly cannot remember everything that has happened after he took me with him. all I could remember was that i really felt like I was taken care of. and that he was really nice.. I'm not going to lie and tell that nothing happened because I can remember that yes, something happened. DO NOT FRET. we had protection. I woke up around 6am the next day and he was waiting for me to wake up.. freaky. yes. but I though it was sweet. he then told me that we have to go. I asked for his number. I took a picture of him. and we both went in out

I was in the cab, going home. I was smiling.. like I've never smiled before.. I
was trying to smell my clothes because it still had some of his scent left.


the other day we went out again. it was technically our first date. and he said
he wanted to see me sober adn also tell me that I was a cheap drunk. I was too
noisy and annoying. he also told me that im nothing like that when i'm sober.

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