Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know that for my last couple of posts, I kept on blogging about me and my new officemates. and all the shenanigans that we have been doing.. And I am really glad that I get to work with these people!! in a verry painful way,, they bring out the best in me.. Unlike with my previous officemates,, I felt like I was being taken care of and that i was being cultivated. like every masterpiece, I was not rushed. and I thank THIRDY's MOM and JELLYBEAN for that!!

for my current job Everyone is competitive! which is really good especially for this new account! but I felt like I was being dragged. I felt like I was some kind of new burger on some crappy fast food chain.! CHEAP AND MASS PRODUCED!! but my new account still does have it's perks.. First I get to be trained by miss AMY VILLANUEVA!! who's birthday is coming up tonight!! next i get to meet WIGEE!! DENNIES!! and TRIXIE!! these guys are just the coolest!! and of course I have saved the best for last.. JAYVEE and ALRON. I think it's time that I should be blogging about these two fabulous guys!! and YES!! there is something wrong about the title.. I should have used true blue GAY manileño.


ALRON.. the pretty one.. Although he' the oldest of us three.. the still looks the freshest.. he's ever so bubbly and his energy is contagious!! I believe most people will not agree when I say that for the three of us.. ALRON, although LOUD.. has the biggest balls. He can talk to anyone, anywhere!! He can dance and sing whenever wherever. I'd like to believe that this is because,, in his eyes. nobody is higher or lower. nobody is rich or poor, he sees through all gender, or age, In his eyes everybody is equal. but he can NEVER be contained. and with this being said, Alron needs to listen more.. and speak less.. on MY point of view,, although out of place, Alron needs to see the real world a bit more. I'm kind of getting this thought that he is caged in his own paradise. where every one is as happy as he is. he might want to consider other people's feelings, if not everyone.

JAYVEE.. Is a lot more like me. Slightly beautiful. not too loud. reserved, VERRY MUCH TALENDED! (just like alron) his voice is,, so far,, one of the best I've heard! Jayvee is the middle child, though we're on the same age, He's older than me for a couple of months. considering the quality of the voice he got, he's shy and he desperately needs a shot in the big time! Humility is also one of his outstanding features.. but.. (yes there is a but!!) these past few days, i have noticed that this humility is fading away.. is it the diva inside him that's coming out? or does he think of me as a lesser being?? It kind of made me feel that way.. or is it inferiority complex?? I'm going to have to settle that with him on the next couple of weeks.. and if he'll be able to read this.. I'm sorry if i did anything to upset you and trust me what ever it is I'm sure I didn't mean it like that..

as for me.. I'd like to think I'm a bit of both.. I dunno.. i just think.. how bout you?? what do you think??

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