Saturday, April 3, 2010


You guys know about my recent account transfer and how hard it was for me to adjust, these past few weeks i have not been able to blog about anything because I was trapped in a routine that is too out of character even for me..

My day would start around 3 to 4pm which is too early because my shift starts at 9,, from this time, I will then try to get a couple more minutes of sleep, but that did not work either so I will then decide to make coffee (which has been my best friend since the transfer), after a couple of cups of coffee and STICKS of cigarettes I will try to eat something and prepare my things,, then I take a bath,, then I leave the house around 530,,

on average, I will wait for an FX to go to work for 30 mins to an hour,, then I will waste more of my time waiting for Alron and Jayvee,, I also would have another cup of coffee while waiting for both of them, who originally wanted to meet up early (trust me,, Im doing this EVERYDAY..) Alron then decides to go to the office 5 mins before his shift starts,, while me and Jayvee will smoke while waiting for ours,, I get a bottle of energy drink or another cup of coffee on every break,, After making or breaking a sale for the day, I now can go home..

going home is also a struggle because,, I dunno,, everybody just suddenly decided to go to makati all at the same time, so getting an FX is hopeless.. Ill now have to wait for an hour and a half just to get an FX after everbody has already, and finally,, I see myself still in the FX in AYALA or BUENDIA.. yes my good people,, I slept in the FX.. and I missed the place where im supposed to go down,,

Last wednesday I recieved a txt message from ate anna and rob asking where I was.. so I told them that I Just got home and that I was awake for the last 40 hours.. I then realize that we were supposed to go a chinese resto here in makati.. I knew I had to pass,, I just felt really really bad, because I wanted to go.. and I promised both of them that Ill go.. my body was just slowly failing and I can even get out of bed anymore.. so to this.. I AM SORRY..

As to Alron and Jayvee.. They are DIVAS.. and not in a good way.. I kind of felt bad about this especially towards Jayvee,, they both needed attention like nothing else mattered.. and to this I was being the target.. Just the other day.. Alron had the gut of telling me that I look stressed and tired.. Jayvee shouted at me because according to him I was pressuring him to go to work early.. Its like It was not THEIR plan to go to work hours before our shift, and Its like I actually needed their attention. the goal was to make My BBSC family proud..

I hate to say this but I have to.. someone is also a freeloader,, and a social climber.. and to who ever this is,, sorry but you are..
They tell me that i am slow.. They call me dumb.. they think I am stupid..
All of these because I dont laugh at their jokes..
again.. sorry.. but I think.. these jokes lack one thing..


So.. to you guys who actually know me.. do you think I am still the me you knew??

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  1. who the hell call you stupid?! give me the name and address and I am effing on my way with a baby cute hello kitty m16!! who's the biatch?!!!