Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have recently watched the "disaster porn" movie 2012. and it was.. it was.. good. Good. not great, could have been better. I wasnt supposed to be watching this just like everyone else because it has been pretty much expected to flop. and the only reason I watched it is because Adam Lambert is in the soundtrack.

I was with my lesbians and Obviously they were my last choice. I am dating a couple of guys right now and 1 ex boyfriend, and for some reason they did not want to meet up when I said I'd like to watch 2012.. (and didn't I tell you that it was a flop movie.. ) My best friend was not replying to any of my messages.. so I decided to give my two lesbians a break and treat them for a movie. (when do I get my humanitarian award??)

we were running late and I did not want to watch it without my strawberry milkshake. so I asked one of my lesbians (tatot) to buy the tickets so I could order my fries and milkshake.
One sign of the apocalipse coming. newyork FRIES department did not have G**damn FRIES!!! I dont know if its just coincidence but it seems like they know that we will be watching 2012! the whole store was falling apart and I was not enjoying it!
when we finally was able to get what we ordered we were literally running to our seats because the movie had already started.

John Cusack played Jackson Curtis. A published novelist/ family driver to a rich russain businessman (Oliver Platt) Carl Anheuser. took his kids (Morgan Lily and Liam James) to a camping trip where they were picked up by the US military for the site was a restricted area where jackson met Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson). Charlie was the crazy radio guy who somewhat knows about the upcoming apocalipse and the ship that was being built in China.

Amanda Peet played Kate Curtis. Jackson's Ex wife. Thomas McCarthy played Gordon Silberman. Kate's boyfriend. Chiwetel Ejiofor played Adrian Helmsley. He's the government scientist that played hero because he believed that everybody has a fighting chance of saving their lives. Danny Glover was President Thomas Wilson. who as president stayed with his people until they were devoured by a gigantic tidal wave. (the white house is in Washington.and a tidal wave hit them! great..) Johann Urb was the pilot of the Antonov, plane owned by Carl Anheuser. and one MAJOR hottie spotted! Thandie Newton played Laura Wilson, First daughter and was Adrian Helmsley's love interest.

Effects was.. as expected.. impecable.. It will make you feel like it is actually happening. even if you try and not understand the story, just the visuals itself.. you will be satisfied already.. these guys and their rollercoaster ride to china Story was.. again.. Good.. not great.. could have been better.. although, they were able to give a visual of what could possibly happen in the future , scientist have proven that a water apocalipse is not possible as of this time. but then again.. who are we to tell.. it's as if God will actually give that info away when he decides that Us people have caused PERMANENT distraction to his masterpiece..

by the way.. Sure seats was provided to world leaders.. 1 seat onboard GENESIS is 1,000,000,000.00 Euro's so thats 60,000,000,000.00 pesos.. that's for the economy section..

If this apocalipse will happen.. we cannot do anything about it.. we have to be fair to the earth and to God.. and just let go..

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