Friday, November 6, 2009


THIS IS IT movie was really great. although "butchered",, I do not blame the people behind it for they did not anticipate Michael's death. in fact no one did. we are just fortunate enough that Michael always take footages of the rehersals of his concerts.

I went to watch the movie with the Mother of all fag hags, my cousin, my grand mom, Margaux, (marga) and my evil evil brother. I was not able to watch the whole movie because of the dark dark force called,, My brother.. first they wanted to get a good seat so we went inside the theater an hour early.. we were able to see the ending before we even started the film. I also had to go out and get food so I was able to catch a glimpse of how the whole film ended.. we watched the movie at it's second week. but the the whole theater was filled. there were even a couple of people sitting on the stairs. so even if We payed for Marga's seat,, I just decided to put her on my lap and give those poor poor fans the seats.

While they (folk's im with) was able to watch the whole movie even if they saw the ending first, I was waiting for the parts that I missed.. my asshole of a brother wanted to go home. and the mother of all fag hag feared... that at 19.. he will throw a tantrum. so we did go home.. based on this experience let me provide you tips on how not to butcher a

  • Do not bring your brother

  • Do not bring a baby with you

  • Do buy snacks and drinks before you go inside the theater

  • Do not get too excited

  • Make sure your bladder is not full

  • Turn off your phone.. do not put it on silent. TURN IT OFF!

  • Did I mention do not bring your brother??

Hope it helps.. : )

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