Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay,, so in my world, twilight flopped.. it's mainly because highschool monsters loved it. and we all know how much I despise unruley, pretentous, spoiled, noisy highscool monsters! I simply think that the world would have been a better place if there wasnt any highschool kids in it,. Another reason is that it's popularity was driven by the dawning of the HARRY POTTER series. People wanted HARRY POTTER to stay on forever! and since J.K. Rowling had to cut the story short, We needed to look for a replacement, then comes the twilight saga. Finally, I despised the first twilight installment was simply because the leading man was sparkling under the sunlight and teenage angst was not so much evident with the characters.

I think i have made my point, and I could easily conclude that this SAGA had a bad start.. but then we under estimated the power of evil evil highschool monsters. POP culture is a chevy and we have a 14 year old girl driving it! because of the noise these monsters make, they were able to make people want to read the book. and since it's better written than shown, the hype spreaded instantly! and lets not forget the fact that the twilight stars did make effort to keep the franchise growing, from TV to tabloid to radio,, they were able to keep the people interested with them, and all their antics.

Lately I have been hearing stuff that women starts to compare their partners to the FICTIONAL character EDWARD CULLEN (Robert Pattinson) and that men find themselves competing against this character! Aside from portraying the role flawlessly,, (not so much flawless,, Edward Cullen was supposed to be GOD-like.. ) the character itself was, I should say, worth fantasizing. Edward Cullen had the mistery. and this mistery, for typical, non-vamp male is usually uncovered as soon as they get drunk in front of their partner! And aside from staying "mysterious", Edward really loves Bella and they were able to make sure everyone will relate to what they both had to sacrifice to be with each other.

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob, the best friend/third party/werewolf character. there is nothing else I could possibly say about Jacob aside from him being extremely hot and that I dont even know why stupid girl bella, wont go to bed with him yet! I mean,, Come on!!! let's not pretend that highschool students don't have sex. teen aged kids have higher hormone levels than adults. how do you expect them to abstain when we, adults, can't?? I know it's wrong,, because the guy is just 17.. but I simply can't stop thinking about jacob shirtless..

NEW MOON: TWILIGHT SAGA earned 140++ million dollars on it's first week. I just hope the next installment will be as good as this one..

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