Thursday, November 5, 2009


I enjoyed the fact that they actually turned this into a movie. It showed how human the late "Great Michael Jackson " was. Although the whole movie was pretty much just a compilation of all the footages taken from the rehersals, you will never get the "feel" that you are just watching a "the making of the movie" special.
I also loved how professional he was towards his crew. call it professional, I call it DIVA!! he knew where he is and he never forgot to make them feel who they're working with. I just can't help but really wish that this concert had pushed through and that he wasn't killed. (rumors)
THIS IS IT concert could have been one of the world best. looking at how they really prepared the whole thing was just fantastic! one simply cannot ignore the fact that this could have been the way for the world to see who Michael Jackson was and remember the things that he did through his music.
I think the edge in this movie is that they made a small remake for each music video of each song. I personally think that Michael Jackson never lost his magic.. It's just the people who chose to stand behind the magician and take advantage of his vulnerability..
We (the people) chose to ruin him. just like what we did to the world that he kept on defending..
too bad.. this really was it..

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