Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crush of the Week..

I think I should change the title to Crush of my LIFE!!! its because im posting the one and only love of my life..

John Paul (J.P.) Calderon Is an openly gay model from Survivor: Cook Island. Although, Survivor did not really give him enough exposure.. so he joined Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.. While being in this reality show, he encountered INSTINCT magazine who are looking for openly GAY models.. and so Janice,(Inang Reyna) had to talk him through coming out on TV.. because of his natural hotness he did not really need to come out to be booked,, but after coming out, His little dream of being a supermodel skyrocketed!. before the show ended, Janice assigned him to JDMA's branch in newyork as the manager of their male department.. aside from the management all the male models, he is also being booked for runwayshows and AD campaigns..

J.P. was born September 5 1975. in Santa Monica, CA. he is of puerto rican decent and did I mention how HOOOOOTTTT this guy is??? well let me say it now... HE IS HOOOTTT!!!! I have watched JDMA and he is really the most gorgeous models she's got! Photos from TETU.COM

Status: Single

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Stats: 6'2" 200#

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac: Virgo

I LOVE YOU J.P.!!!!!!


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