Friday, September 25, 2009


The Remake of FAME was released here in manila OCT 7. I was waiting for this movie to come out for over a year and I was amazed by all the talents that was in it.. especially Anna Maria Perez Detagle(Joy), her role, although small, still very important. she was the best friend of the only gay student in their school of performing arts (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett).. (can you believe it? ) that means she's the only fag hag in that school as well. Everyone's talent was exceptional! naturi naughton (Denise Dupree), gave Fame (the song) and Out here on my own a new fresh twist. All the other characters was great. even that Monster of a dancer student (Kherington Payne Alice Ellerton) who was too good for that latino looking piano playing cutie ( Walter Perez Victor Taveras). My personal Fave was (Paul McGill Kevin Barrett) for I can totally relate to his story.. and his character bought a drop of darkness in the movie.

when you though that you were good enough,, there comes this better student that crushes all of you dreams, then starts eating all of your innerts and drinks you blood. (bitter sobbing! lol) that was when we both learned that being great isnt enough.. you HAVE to be the greatest..

I loved those scenes where everything goes slo-mo while the dancers are up in the air! it was just soo glitteryit made me really dizzy. i hated how fast faced the movie was.. it was almost dragging.. I also did not like the asher brook guy.. his voice is too highschool musical-ish. the whole movie could have been better if they made it longer. they should also have focused on each characters personality and if they too out asher brook..
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