Saturday, September 26, 2009


TODAY (SEPTEMBER 26 2009) Manila experienced the most unexpected flash flood everr! Typhoon ONDOY certainly knew how to make a Grand entrance with a maximun sustained wind of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. In just a couple of hours, the typhoon was able to submerge parts of Metro Manila causing HEAVY (by heavy I MEAN HEAVY!!!) traffic all over the Metro. Water levels vary from thigh deep to above-human deep. although I though that I was safe because I was in the office already when the rain started pouring, I was WRONG. It POURED! literally. According to the ever reliable PAGASA (hint of sarcasm, thank you.) the water level that metro manila got today was equivalent to the water level we get for one whole month during rainy days ! No jeepney was available, no FX, no cab, in short, Im doomed. YES! it was doomsday today at the office! there were limited source of food. I did not bring extra clothes. and as if it was not hard for us already.. the ATM was broken. finally due to the BAD BAD attitude that ONDOY gave us, People cant go to work. So since 7:30am this morning, until now. 1:30 am.. I am still wide awake.. and I still have to cover my own shift! WHAT A LIFE!!! nice to know that at the end of every storm, there will be a rainbow! so F*%k $@u ONDOY! Here's our rainbow!! DIE! you F*$%ing a&$}}♣8!! DIE!!!!!

and finally.. to PAGASA.. THANX FOR THE F***ing TIP!!!

UPDATE: 7:09 PM 9/26/2009, I just got the news that the philippine coast guard rescued a danzel in distress AKA Cristine Reyes while My HERO of an officemate was calling them asking help for a patient in an ambulance stuck in the flood. Good work men!!! We Are so F***ing proud of you!!!!

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