Monday, September 7, 2009


A couple of hours ago while me and tapioca was on our shifts trying to stay awake (or asleep). Jellybean sent a text message saying that she had a dream about me and her and COACH. COACH and I dated (focus on the DATED part) for 5 months. Although we had really great times.. like when we went to Divisoria while it was raining and I did not get any sleep and he had me bring everything that we bought then we went to see his "clanmates" while i was looking drugged because of lack of sleep and the grueling visit to divisoria. anyways.. going back.. She then told me about the dream, and i goes like this..

She was inside a cinema and she was with COACH.. they were watching trailers then COACH suddenly moved to another seat because he saw one of his friends.. jellybean was looking at what COACH was doing.. he was talking to his friend and texting and talking to someone over the phone.. and he was "doodling".. he then called jellybean to sit beside him. he showed her what he was doodling.. he was weighing pro's and con's of being with me.. he also drew pictures of sexual positions that i dont like doing.. (trust me there is none!! LOL) and finally he also said that every relationship that I will have in the future will end up just like how ours ended. being a very reserved person that she is, jellybean felt uncomfortable about what they were talking about.. she then decided to leave the cinema.. while she was on the escalator, COACH ran after her and tried to snatch the paper that she was holding. she did not want him to have the papers for she wanted to show these to THIRDY'S MOM. so they were fighting on the escalator when jellybean woke up and find out that it was all a dream..
As jellybean was telling me her dream, she was a bit hesitant because she's afraid it might hurt me. It did.. but I have been there. I have been hurt.. A lot of times. and I can say I have learned that what doesnt kill you.. only makes you stronger.. And without pain.. you will never survive the real world. so from these pains I learned to draw strength.

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