Saturday, September 12, 2009


A Day In Hand is a campaign encouraging people of same sex to hold hand in public. this campaign was founded by David Watkins, A day in hand is fairly new and even though the campaign has been active on some parts of Europe, the group also wants this campaign to spread all over the world. the group tagged the act as Shhhh.. Saturdays the campaign is currently being supported by: London Boris Johnson, Peter Tatchell and Boy George and other celebrities. Holding another persons hand is indeed a small gesture that has a big impact. Holding another person's hand means support and care for someone. It is also a way of slowly making a change in the community. Gay and lesbian people are here to stay! (hear that homophobes?) so we might as well do something to stop homophobia. not in a big grand parade like how we always did it, but in a small but meaningful way, by simply holding your lovers hand around other people. Simply show people how PROUD you are.


“Same-sex hand-holding (Sshh!) is a silent revolution for LGBT people, because nothing needs to be said: no bold speeches, no reactive arguments, no war of words. Each LGBT person has the power to change the hearts and minds of people in their local community quietly, subtly, by simply holding hands publicly and owning their space. However, hand-holding is a simple powerful gesture that can happen anywhere, at any time.”

The first International Shhh Saturday will be on September 26 2009..

Hold his/her hand. show people how much you are in love...

take a picture and send it Here:

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