Thursday, September 24, 2009

IN MY LIFE.... (Movie Review)...

I wasnt really going to watch because john lloyd and luis was in it, but after hearing stories from some friends and officemates.. I just decided to give it a chance. One boring day I decided to go to the movies and take my mom with me. We were at the theater earlier than we should have been. the whole place was filled (as expected).. straight and gay people alike..

after two hours of sobbing (my mom was crying most of the time).. My vow not to watch locally produced films, was already broken. Suprisingly.. though i hate to say it.. I enjoyed the whole movie. Its just great how STAR CINEMA was able to tell this story of a filipino gay couple living in Newyork City having to deal with one's illness (Luis Manzano's character) and the other's legality issue (John lloyd). I personally think that Ms. Vilma Santos was the one responsible of making the whole movie come together. I am sure that pressure was the key for everyone's remarkable performance. especially John Lloyd on that scene where the script called him to bitch slap Vilma!!

I still dont like Luis (Lucky) as an actor but I liked how he played his character in the movie. Soo convincing.. in fact.. TOO Convincing. lol!
John Lloyd.. Is one of the greatest actors that have graced filipino showbusiness with his talent. Though call on the gay character.. tougher call on having to slap the diamond star on the face! finally.. He was just great!! I'm just not so sure im a big fan of him having facial hair and all.. just a tip.. dont grow facial hair!! I dont care if you look like 19 forever! just dont grow hair!! or you'll loose your legion of fans.. Just saying.. : )

Last but certainly never the least!!!! Miss Vilma Santos NEVER looses her charm! She's like the Meryl Streep of the philippines! One sign of a great actress is if she could make the whole movie a success by herself. although the whole cast blended together perfectly. she certainly made a BIG difference. nobody could have done it better!!!

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