Monday, September 7, 2009


I just recovered from the horror of the fact that miss Philippines on the recently concluded Miss Universe did not win anything.. not even miss photogenic that for three years in a row Philippines was able to bag. What happened was she mixed herself with the rest of the girls.. I think she did not even try to stand out. Although I was able to catch her on TV last night and the girl was a total faghag.. I guess she had a lot of gay friends from work. (not that there are a lot of gay cabin crew working for Philippines airlines)Miss Kosovo on the other hand stood out. One possibility though is the fact that she had the biggest hair.. but my bet really was miss Australia.. she looked like Barbie . not just the generic Barbie.. she looked like Barbie Hollywood.. I luurved her.. I actually though she will win until she was called for the third runner up spot. Congratulations though to miss Venezuela. She came a looong way to get there.. she waited for that moment her whole life.. Literally.. her whole life.. lol..

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