Friday, September 25, 2009

ANG LAD LAD for Congress..

Ang Ladlad is a gay lesbian bi-sexual transgendered political party that was founded by Danton Remoto September 21 2003. The groups focus is Human Rights and has been fighting for homosexual rights and equality since the group was formed. Unfortunately, last presidential election (2004), the group was tagged as a nuisance candidate, thus not having the chance to give voice to the LGBT community in the philippines. The group must have had the chance to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS if people from COMELEC tried to look at them as HUMAN BEINGS who wants to fight for EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.. but no.. they looked at them as a group of GAY people..
NEWSFLASH COMELEC!!! the gay community here in the philippines is rapidly growing!! and by rapidly.. I mean.. look at the guy that who serves your food.. I bet He's gay.. Look at the guy who wears suupper tight yellow skinny jeans walking across the street.. no doubt he's gay. the trainor on your gym, your employee, your sons and/or daughter. Face it!!
This has been said over and over and over.. WE ARE HERE! AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

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