Monday, September 7, 2009


Earlier this week i was not feeling so well since the guy I was dating (focus on the WAS part) was being difficult, and my asshole of an officemate was being himself again..(I think we all know who im talking about) I think he's getting soo old his brain is starting to deteriorate already. It was last friday when me and "COACH" (the guy i was dating.. (let's call him that since thats the nature of his job) and my other non annoying officemates decided to go drinking at BUZZPOINT near Metrowalk inside Autocamp. Although I texted my Mother that I was in a meeting with our bosses (this is my usual alibi) and go home right away after the meeting. I ended up at Coaches room.. I also had to go to work without taking a bath.. EEWWW!! I know.. but i was not able to pack any extra clothes for the original plan was waking up in my room.. not some other guys..
everything was going the way they usually are.. nothing could get more boring than knowing that you are doing the exact same thing you did last week and the week before that.. then the unexpected happened.
My Mom got me a new phone!! not just that.. she also got me the Beyonce Experience LIVE DVD and the diva's latest album.. I am.. Sasha fierce!!!
I should say.. I did not expect these gifts to come from her.. She knows that I am what I am.. But she does not want to believe it. same thing goes with my brother.. they both think that this is some kind of "Phase" that ill get tired of.. but this was indeed a suprise! More than the gifts.. what made me really really happy was the though that my mother and brother is slowly trying to accept who I really am and who I want to be..

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